Inspired Giveaway – Win 2 Copies of The Internet Case Study Book

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The last edition of the Inspired Giveaway was a massive hit so we continue to offer brilliant web related books – this time in collaboration with Rob Ford of the FWA fame and TASCHEN Books. The Internet Case Study Book is nothing else than the bible of any web entrepreneur!

Rob Ford

Rob Ford is TheFWA’s founder and comes from a background in finance, sales and project management. He created the site without external funding and built a huge business around it. His work has featured in the Chicago Tribune, Guardian and various web related magazines. He has judged many industry award shows, contributes regularly to web design sites and magazines, and writes a regular column in Adobe’s Edge Newsletter. Here’s a great interview with him. You should folllow Rob on Twitter as well -> @fwa

The Internet Case Study Book

Featuring 60 success stories, from clients’ briefings to final projects, this book, which follows on from the best selling Guidelines for Online Success title, provides detailed studies divided into five chapters: e-Commerce, Corporate Sites, Campaigns, Social Media, and Promotional Sites. These subjects form the core of what the web can offer to every person or institution, and knowing how these projects were developed can help differentiate your business or online presence from that of your competitors.

Long story short you need to get this book if you’re serious about online business and read the professional case studies detailed in the five categories of the book: Campaigns, E-Commerce, Promotional, Social Media & Corporate.


To participate, simply:

  • leave a comment about The Internet Case Study Book and why you’d like to get the book
  • tweet this Win “The Internet Case Study Book” from @fwa and @inspiredmag RT to enter!

The contest will end next Friday and we’ll select 2 random winners.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • I’d love to gain the knowledge on the book for building future business :)

  • Alejandra Pantoja

    Im a graphic/web designer in Mexico, and all this kind of books help me a lot with my job. The way the project is manage in US give us tools to explain our clients the ways the things should be doing.

    Even if i dont get the book i´ll try to buy it


  • I’m an interactive designer and a long time FWA fan and wallpaper submitter. I bought Guidelines for Online Success and it was great! I’d love to get a copy of this new one, The Internet Case Study Book, as I’m sure it’s just as good if not better. Hook me up!

  • I’d like to win because I’m a case study addict, for some reason. Looks like a great book!

  • I’m going to start my online business and I think this book would be useful. Here’s a tweet:

  • As a student who’d like to start his own business, this would definately be a good read. I know that it isn’t easy to start an own business, but with this book I can learn something to try doing it perfect.

  • To be honest, I’ve already been through three years of college (with still 2 more to go) and I have learned that life is too short to sit around and do nothing about the things that you want to do. Nearly everything has spread to online business. From comic books to groceries, the internet has it. I want this book, because I want to make my world work from the net. I want to succeed as a graphic artist and comic book artist. If the people in this book can do it, so can I.

  • Cord Woodruff

    We have a fledguling NGO non-profit group here in Atlanta which focuses on bringing mentors from various industries into the classrooms. I have been personally building a reference library for the students to use and have quite a few Tachen books already. As an experience design professional, I know the value of the case study in any design lifecycle. This volume would be a great addition to our growing collection.

  • I’d like to win this book because A) I am interested in taking my web design to the next level in user understanding/ targeting the correct audience/ getting an emotional response from the viewer, rather than just a lolled click through b) I am the only girl who who works at my office in the design/development department and I don’t want to be seen as ‘the weakest link’ since I am the newest addition as well.

  • no comments huh. suppose I should win for that reason alone.

  • Would love to get the Case Study book to learn more about utilizing social media in business.

  • I think case studies are a great way to learn and am definitely interested in winning a copy for myself!

  • I’ve read ReWork And Crush it. I’m inspired and would appreciate any information that would help me in moving forward.

  • I lov to win “The Internet Case Study Book” to gain knowledge on work on creative web projects with clients.

  • I’d love to get this book because I’m just starting out and based on my clientel I may be starting my own business! I’m gathering as much knowledge as I can to do this and I think this book would be very helpful!

  • I love learning by example so this book would be ideal

  • Would love to know more about online success !!

  • I would like to get the book in order to know what the moment ideas are for each field and know how to break them in order to be innovative

  • I think it would be a great book to learn more about online business with professional case studies.

  • Would really love to win this book, thank you so much for this giveaway.

  • Would love to learn more about becoming a sucuessful business online, this book will aid in my current research!

  • Yang Gan

    This would be a great help for anyone, the online world is is such an important area for anyone and it would be awesome to learn about how professionals have created a successful online presence.

  • i want the book so i can be in the next one.

  • soo

    i’d benefit from the sage on the internet’s way-of-business and draw insights from prior online start-up experiences that have been successful

  • This book will help me in my entrepreneur career.

  • Jim

    previously stumbled across the previous “Guidelines for Online Success” book whilst generally browsing a local book shop which proved to be incredibly useful/inspirational and I can see this would be another oracle of a book to draw guidance from!

  • Filip Kozusznik

    I have always wanted that book!

  • As a designer just entering the workforce this book will extend my knowledge past my education.

  • As a designer every knowledge about internet business is critical to acquire. I would like to read this book to enhance my knowledge

  • Hi, I am a freelance designer as well as a graphic design lecturer in a college in Indonesia. In my everyday work, I surely need high quality books and this book seems like the perfect choice to add to my collection of reference. And I will absolutely pass on this news about how important a good book to my students and my peers.


    and tweeted:

  • i’m a freelance designer als well and i need the book for new inspirations!

  • Stephen

    cos i suck at design real good.

  • I would love to win this book for our staff. We are always researching, learning and sharing ideas with each other. It would be great resource for everyone to learn how differentiate our clients online presence from that of there competitors. Besides if I know everyone they will want their own book :)

  • Aurus

    I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from this book!

  • marko

    it is very intersting to find out how other people approach to the creation of internet sites and what workflow they chose for accomplish their goal

    marko @palamidas

  • I’ve been teaching myself web development and graphic design for a while, and I’m pretty good at it. Winning the book would really give me a boost to the next level of designing and developing.

  • Helen Mitchell

    I’d LOVE to win this book as I’m trying to start out our own web design/making things (all sorts of super bits & bobs)/graphic design/print design/paintings with my fabbydabdosey other half and we very clearly need all the help we can get! Especially as we may well be eating cardboard for the next 2 years so the book might turn into fantastic nourishment! You can’t argue with that!!!! : ) x

  • Helen Mitchell

    P.s it’s my other half’s birthday in a couple of weeks and winning this book would make us both grin like Cheshire cats! : )

  • I’d like to win the book because I’m interesting in making my own startup.

  • I want to win this book because this would significantly improve my business and could even teach me how to write my own case studies :P

  • I’m young web designer & developer. And these books for someone like me will be great for learning something more.

  • Pardon… this book :-)

  • This book looks good i want it because i read guidelines for online success and thought it was great so hopethis trend contiues…

  • Inspiration. It is the word that i chose to define what this book represents to me.
    A font of inspiration, a place to learn and where i can find reference for my future digital projects.
    I want to learn with the best. Please Inspired Magazine, give away a book for this brazillian girl. :)

  • Candy Polo

    I love Taschen! :)

  • Sandi Van Winkle

    I teach graphic design at the high school level. This would be great for supporting the lessons on the business of design.

  • Azu

    I want this book because Im a Hikikomori ._.
    and I want to learn more about business =D

  • I`d like to have this book in my library next to guidelines for online success and of course I can`t wait to read it those do`s and don`ts should be very interesting on internet entrepreneurship. So hopefully if I win id I won`t have to buy id :D

  • Heather Henderson

    I’m a graphic design and studio art major. I want to learn how to develop a successful online business. I’d rather be taught how to swim than just thrown mindlessly into the water. Applying wisdom from experience would be invaluable to me.

  • St3fX

    With my 12 years of Internet labour…I’d love to read an analysis about where we went and where we go!

  • daniel6ten

    I’d love this for two reasons. 1) I am always looking for good resources for development. 2) I’m needing some space filled on top of my filing cabinet.

  • It’s really useful for me

  • I’m going to travel South America for six and I would love to take this book with me to stay inspired during my trip!

  • six months that is ;-)

  • i’m a digital marketing specialist and I think the book will be useful for me!

  • “If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way.”
    Mark Twain

  • Joyce H

    Summer is almost over and this book in my hands, in the sun, with a drink will make it one of the best summers in a decade ; )

  • I just graduated from university, studying graphic design, and this book looks like it would be super helpful!

  • Rocco O’Rourke

    I’m a Student, I like when things are given away to me.

  • TAt

    Who wouldn’t want this book? It’s like being let in a on secrets!!

  • Gord

    Looks like an amazing book to have for any library. Mine especially.

  • Mike Fung

    I’m from NYC but work with clients in Shanghai. I’m sure clients in China can benefit from some best practices that are in the book! Have you seen campaigns designed in China?! Barf. FWA and TASCHEN are trusted sources for inspiration; don’t let me down now.

  • what developers want

  • dMullins

    I’d like to get this because it’s very hard to educate the people I work with about the web and best practices and having a resource like this would be great, because I would have something tangible to pass around. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get these people to read blog posts, etc., and take them serious!

  • Uncleserb

    I’d like this book well, cos… I just love books!!


  • I want these books so much that I am going to post another time!

  • I would like to win this because this is a book I could really use. I’ve been teaching myself code and web development so this book can really help. :)

  • DC likes bookes!

  • k-nowledge is the key to the interwebnets.

  • lallo

    Does that book makes my brain look bigger? ( I think yes)

  • lallo

    oopps… correction..
    Does that book make my brain look bigger? ( I think yes)

  • Kieran

    New house. New books. So maybe some new inspiration :)

  • Jake Hayes

    I could get so many chicks with this book. Hook me up!

  • Henrik Dahlqvist

    Im currently studying the Digital Media Program at Hyper Island. I have heard alot about this book and only good things. Freinds that work in the industry and friends at school say to me that I have to read and im gonna! I also think this is a good opportunity for me, not only to read the book, but to learn things I can use during my time in school and later in work.
    Heres my tweet

  • Having a strong online presence is just as vital as the product that is being featured, and as a photographer I have now the need to a know the smartest direction in utilizing the internet for maximum potential of growth in clientele and prolong the viability of the business. This book could give such insights to that direction!

  • I would loooove to win the Internet Case Study Book, because I need it for university right now and as a poor student, I haven´t got the money to buy it… I was lucky to get a look at it and it looks great and inspiring to me. You see: I simply have to win it!

  • Ok sorry, too late, didn´t think of that.

  • David Meek

    because knowledge is the bomb and you can never learn or study enough