This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings & sister site! Below you will see thematic selections of inspirational architecture & design, which might help you start your very own design project and get matched with design professionals.

When most of today’s adults were children, architects & designers included, playgrounds were asphalt areas with basic motor play equipment of doubtful security. Sandpits, swings, and slides were all on the menu and that was fair enough for a while. However, it has been clear for quite some time now design could be a part of a child’s education and often a provocatively designed ‘empty’ space of inherent dynamics could end up being more stimulating to children than a trivial space filled up with all the toys and playground equipment in the world. More provocatively designed playgrounds HERE.

Studio Weave: The Longest Bench

Inspired Playgroundsimage: Studio Weave

ANNABAU: Sculptural Playground Schulberg

Inspired Playgroundsimage: ANNABAU

Johan Ferner Ström: Puckelball

Inspired Playgroundsimage: David Serinya

David Garcia Studio: Drejens Playground

Inspired Playgroundsimage: David Garcia Studio

Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam: Playground Crochet

Inspired Playgroundsimage: Abel Erazo

MLRP: Mirror House

Inspired Playgroundsimage: Laura Stamer

MAD: Monster’s Footprint

Inspired Playgroundsimage: MAD

More projects after the break.

NL Architects: WOS 8

Inspired Playgroundsimage: NL Architects

Superblue: Furzefield Community Space

Inspired Playgroundsimage: Superbue

Urban Art Projects / Fiona Foley: Redfern Park

Inspired Playgroundsimage: John Gollings