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Hey guys, today we have a super special giveaway – our friends from Sticker Mule were kind enough to offer us four vouchers worth $100 each for Inspired reader who love stickers. Well, not sure if there are any Inspired readers who don’t but who knows, right? So check the info below to see how you can enter the giveaway!

Sticker Mule

Stickers are one of the many things that remind us of our youth. Stickers always covered our lockers, lunchboxes and bookbags. Today, a lot of custom stickers are used as logos add life to our laptops covers. So when in need of a kick-ass sticker (or more), check out the guys at Sticker Mule, they make truly awesome custom stickers in all different shapes and sizes. Whatever your use may be, it can’t be denied that stickers can provide tons of creative design inspiration.


Check out some of these cool custom sticker design samples!


To participate, simply:

  • leave a comment about how you’d like to use the stickers
  • tweet this Win Free Stickers Worth $400 from @StickerMule and @InspiredMag RT to enter!

The contest will end next Friday and we’ll select 4 random winners.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • I want to win them to create a self promo for my design business. I want to plaster the city with my stickers!

  • Etienne Richard

    I would use these stickers to promote my blog (coming up at Xmas).

  • I’d use the stickers as promotional tools. Everyone loves stickers but what’s better than the stickers themselves? The one who gave you the stickers of course!

  • I’d put the stickers all over my work board at work. There are a few white spaces that need to be filled. :)

  • Ohh I want some with my studio’s logo on it! I think I’d use them on my plain little black notebooks to make them less plain :)

  • Carmen

    I’d use them to create sample skins with my own designs to enjoy and self promote.

  • I would use stickers on my laptop, my bike & at my workspace will promote my blog with the stickers

  • Greg Cross

    I want to demonstrate an interest in this company and their product so they might consider me as a sticker designer. Plus I have some poorly painted outbuildings that could use some sprucing up with stickers…

  • I want to sponsor my passion in web-designing & web-development AND this is an awesome solution.

    Tweets :!/viditkothari/status/617139576770561!/viditkothari/status/615857982017536

  • AM

    I would find a poorly designed sticker in SF, redesign it and then plaster these stickers on top of the previous poor design. Would rather promote good typography over myself.

  • Afterman

    Heck yeah stickers! I’d use ’em to help promote a couple ventures we’re working on. I’d hand ’em out along with other swag like tshirts at SXSW11

  • I’d love to create somet stickers of my drawings/illustrations. I like to create characters and think it would be cool to to create stickers with some of them.

  • Martin

    I would cover my wife in the stickers, then parade her around town advertising my new sticker business which would have no business model, other than to put stickers on her because it would make me and the dog laugh.

    Honestly, I would give her the voucher for her new business.

  • dauzu

    I’d like to win this opportunity to design a special sticker for my buddy’s wedding to show him my love! Everyone could put on this special sticker for blessing this newlywed and tell them we love them~!!

  • I would like to use the stickers to promote our local soccer club.

  • Jake Hayes

    Id love to win this, you’d see stickers all over Richmond. Create some zombie stickers, they can take over the city ^.^

  • I would use them to promote a new project I am working on.

  • Fat Jeff

    I home brew for my friends & family. Right now I make my own cheesy labels on a ink jet printer. REAL stickers that would hold up to ice & water would be a huge step up, and would help promote my brewing activities.

    Fat Jeff
    Hale Pohaku Brewing

  • trin

    I would be putting stickers just everywhere.
    Walls, sticker books, people’s foreheads.
    TLR33960 at hotmail dot com!/AllTheWiser/status/643154143346689

  • GreenStar

    I’d love to win & promote a new business venture I’m starting that will benefit unemployed citizens in my city/state

  • Raoul

    Stickers are a cool way to promote your stuff

  • Trigger Finger

    I would use these stickers to promote my indie film short, plastering them all over San Francisco and the entire Bay Area and also including them in fundraising packages for the film!

  • I need to make some new stickers for my site. That’s what I do. Maybe with some fill in the blanks or somethhing crafty

  • CP

    Oh I would love to have some stickers that way I could brand my design freelance design company everywhere from bus’s to giving them out to classmates at school! What a great way to spread the word! People will eat, sleep, and breath awesome design work when they check out my stickers if I win! LOVE IT!

  • Tweeted! @MatthewTso
    I would use the stickers to promote my lifestyle clothing brand that I started as a fun venture.
    I hope that it can pay for some of my college tuition in the future and also help my high school fund community service trips for my classmates to places like Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Malawi, Japan, Kentucky, etc.

  • I’d make a custom sticker to pimp up our company corporate issued IBM laptops.

  • OOOh, stickers! I have so many ideas. I’d probably make up some silly haiku about digital rights and put it on a sticker. Juxtaposition and all.

  • I will certainly use them everywhere I love the way stickers give a soul to things.

  • I will use these stickers as promo pieces for my new musical side project – The Somber – or for my rock band Hydrovibe. Either way, I could really use some free stickers!!

  • im a sticker fanatic. my laptops and computers are filled three coats thick. I give away stickers to my clients and friends and I encourage them to stick them in public places to promote my art skills.

    send me some stickers!

  • I’d like to use them to help promote my non-profit organization Hope 2 Liberia. The organization’s bringing community centers, schools, and Clean Water to Liberia, Africa. 1 out of ever 4 kids under 5 years old dies from not having clean water in Liberia (imagine if that were 1% in America… it’d be an epidemic, let alone 25% like it is there). Our group is working to change that! :D so please help us promote our cause.

  • I love stickers, as do my kids!! I would probably have fun with them and promote my blog :)

  • I’d like to promote my blog and would like to bring more art to the streets. As well as subway, anything that is public.

  • Michael Johnson

    I’d use the stickers to cover my nipples during a bizzarre performance art piece. Also, I lost all my swimwear in a suspicious fire, and I dislike regular tanlines.

  • em

    i think i might put them over the rusty part on my bumper!

  • First of all I’d use one to cover the last patch of skin on my moleskin. Then I would go wild on my iPad, and my roommates cat. I’d probably take the stickers that are left and insert them in my sticker drive in my computer to stick it to the web. that’s right. the WEB!

  • Cleo

    I’d get some cool ones so my dad can sell more honey from the bees he keeps

  • Raquel A

    I would help spread the “it gets better” message! Design some stickers with info to help people that are being bullied! We must spread the word and help stop the hate!

  • I’d use them to create unity within my university.

  • I’d use the stickers to make people smile!

  • One me – to have them all.

  • LD

    Cover my rusty old car with them.

  • Nic

    I’d use em for promotion

  • I would like to use these for my extreme / action sports website (startup) … It would help alot + they would look awesome :)

  • Christine Cole

    I would use them as incentives and for fun with my fifth graders! They would love them.

  • I want to stick these all over laptops!

  • I would use them to make people smile!

  • Silviu

    I will promote my web design business

  • Matt

    I’d love to win some stickers for my business. A pretty cool tool if you have a budget for it.

  • My Dung Nguyen Thi

    i want to win them all, those stickers, i want to see them on my wall, my comp, my fridge, my bike, my room, my doors, my chairs, my books… colour my space.

  • We’ll use them to spread the word about and the mission to “Showcase works by creatives and the processes behind their designs to foster an appreciation for the arts and artists…” :)


  • I’d really like to turn the list of witty and odd randomness that’s been filling up over the years into stickers.

  • How would I use them? Well, honestly, that’s a pretty personal question, but, since you’re offering me the potential to win free stickers (You are offering this to Canadians too right?) I would use them as one of many cool things that make people go ‘Oooooooo, pretty.’ When looking at my design portfolio.

  • OK.. how you’d like to use the stickers .. !!
    I don’t think I’ll win these stickers coz i have not won any contest I’ve entered on my life but I’ll try to break this rule ^^
    So, i want these to put it on my Note Book , my Laptop and on my desk. “& when I’ve it there is a lot of places to put it on” ^^
    And WHY coz i want to attract all people eyes in the University “Wow it’s awesome frm where u got it !!”&”OH look !! it’s really funny, Awesome”
    on the other hand, i really want to have something make me feel I’m for the new Generation of Designer not the old one , by the way I’m studying Animation.
    hope to win these stickers ^^,

  • Cody McGrew

    STICKERS!! Everyone loves STICKERS!!

  • Brady

    I’d likely sue them to promote things no one would have known about otherwise… And decorate my car… Or maybe your car… You can never really know until it’s too late.

  • Brady

    sonuva… “sue” should totally read “use”… jeebus… there goes my chance for a win…

  • I’d use the stickers to trade with other designers who are currently promoting their products and selling zines. Will have some paper products to sell soon and including stickers in the pack sounds like a great idea now!

  • Carielen

    I would love to makes stickers to call attention to a 89% budget cut to my art school.

  • usr128

    I would show the people about my taste & feel in sticker ! including to coloring my helmet.

  • Steve Robillard

    I would use them to help promote the new consultancy we launched.

  • I would use them to promote my family’s non-profit organization that focuses on teaching kids how to rock climb.

  • Brittany

    I would stick them on Laptops, electronics, etc. I collect stickers so this would be awesome to win!

  • I may give it to children for playing game :)

  • Awesome, we’d make some fan stickers and put them up around London.

  • Stickers a.k.a. printed self promotion at its smartest way. Even better than business cards ;)

  • twitted @milk_tooth_rain
    I’ll use the stickers to promote my blog and my online shop…stickers are something everyone fall in love with ;)

  • I’d love some stickers! Sticker Mule rules.

  • Radner

    I will use the stickers to launch my street art career!!

  • Melissa Morris

    I would like to use the stickers I win to show the world that I’M A WINNER!!!!! lol. I heart Sticker Mule. They rock my world.

  • H.Q. Brannon

    I’ll use the stickers to promote my son’s band. Who doesn’t love STICKERS!

  • GreenStar

    when will the winners be announced?

  • Chris

    This would be great. I just designed a comic cloud based logo for my wife’s company> This would be huge for her. I would love to win this

  • Totally want to use the stickers as a marketing campaign for my company! The world needs more random stickers in it.

  • You’ll love it to promote my network of websites !!
    Tweeted ! @mesopinions

  • smax

    I’d use them for vandalism… oops, I mean streetart

  • I’d like them to give to people so they can customise whatever they’d like. Perfect self promo tool!

  • Tom Smith

    The first one would be slapped onto my guitar. The rest would be put to the very worthy cause of promoting my university’s (university of hertfordshire UK) special effects course by selling them in order to raise funds for us all so we can exhibit our work for the degree show (we have to raise 120 pound each :/). WE KEEP YOU IN SEVERED HEADS, NOW YOU CAN HELP STOP CGI AND HELP ALL 40 OF US GET JOBS! ^-^

  • Jackie Veeee

    I would use them at my work! Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, so many ppl come and go and we’ve been looking for some cool stuff to stylize the bar and tables

  • Nickles Farina

    I would love some sweet stickers, stickers are the freakin bomb. I’d cover everything i own with them from my laptop to my bike to my sketch book. On a side note i would totally put them up all over my dorm room to make it look a little more festive then just plain boring white walls.

  • Chuck

    I would use them in lieu of tape.

  • i am sad because my twitter is blocked, but i’d still love to use the stickers to promote my design and illustration and help a friend promote the new edition of her book

  • Armin

    I like these stickers becouse they are so stylish and cool.So they would end on my car,bicycle,snowboard….laptop.

    Very nice stickers!

  • I would use the stickers to give myself a Brazilian.

  • Jens k

    I would cheer up my classroom ,, it’s dammn boring right now ! And some other places . Don’t know where yet …

  • so … the result ?!!

  • Lisa Erickson

    Happiness is apart of inspiration and I would thank Sticker Mule for their contribution to my absolutely fun sticker for children and adults alike…

  • I had just been thinking that it would be great to get a bunch of stickers made for my home brewing brand to stick on my bottles and then a separate label to say what happens to be in the bottle.

  • JoJoBean

    cover my computer case!!!!

  • alan king

    Hey guys,
    Woul love to use these for a stickerbombing project I am currently doing on my Honda Civic.
    Alan King

  • alan king

    I’d love to be able to use some awesome stickers on a stickerbombing project I’m currently doing on my 94 civic as well as my 74 rat rod vw beetle…