This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings - a community-driven and openly editable encyclopaedia of buildings from around the world. 

Do you think brick is trivial and a thing of the past? Think twice! It is true up until a century ago brick was predominantly associated with the vernacular architecture of England’s industrial north. With very few notable exceptions like woderful Uruguay-born architect and engineer Eladio Dieste, most architects over the last two centuries do not seem to have discovered any excitement in experimenting with brick. These days however brick has been making its way back into the spotlight of architectural stardom as computer-aided parametric design’s new love.

Eladio Dieste: Cristo Obrero Church

Inspired Bricksimage: Rafael Oliveira on flickr

Randic Turato Architects: Pope John Paul II Hall

Inspired Bricksimage: Robert Leš

Lyons Architecture: Mornington Nursing Home

Inspired Bricksimage: John Gollings & Roger Du Buisson

Wang Shu/Amateur Architecture Studio: Ningbo Historic Museum

Inspired Bricksimage: Iwan Baan

Mass Studies & Slade Architecture: Pixel House

Inspired Bricksimage: Yong Kwan Kim

Hans Jorg Goritz Architektur: National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein

Inspired Bricksimage: Jürg Zürcher


Anagram Architects: South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre

Inspired Bricksimage: Anagram Architects

Bearth & Deplazes with Gramazio & Kohler: Vineyard Estate Gantenbein

Inspired Bricksimage: Ralph Feiner

MAB architecture: Plinthos

Inspired Bricksimage: MAB Architecture

SHoP Architects: 290 Mulberry

Inspired Bricksimage: SHoP Architects