This is a guest post from Tony Shin – with a double major in Economics and Management from the University of Washington, this Seattle native regularly contributes his work to several other publications. He has moved into social media and creative design in hopes to help lead and innovate the future of information with others. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook!

Hey All! I was a bit sick this past weekend, so here’s some of my favorite graphics from last week! :)

1. A Bloody Mess

About a year ago, I fell in love with Dexter. It was a bit farfetched that he still has not been caught (season 6 premieres soon, I can’t wait)! Given that it is a TV show, I understand the need to continue such a great series. The Forensic Nursing team designed a blood filled infographic that highlights all the different types of analayses that remind me of all the Dexter-like tactics. Great job!

Blood Spatter Analysis

2. Happy National Ice Cream Month!

I. Love. Ice Cream. I will not deny it. In fact, who doesn’t?! Well, aside from the fact that I’m slightly lactose, I still sacrifice my body for the rich, creamy taste of milky deliciousness, usually filled with strawberries and cheesecake pieces (fyi, for anyone that wants to buy me some ice cream), haha. Nevertheless, the Ultimate Coupons team designed this infographic that hightlights what your favorite ice cream says about you. Strawberry Cheesecake. Yea, that’s me. ;)

3. The History of Advertising on Youtube

Emily Caufield put together this great infographic about Youtube advertising for Mashable’s Infographics team. From the little I know, I understand that there are some dollars to be made partnering up with Youtube. One interesting fact; Youtube reached over 700 billion playbacks in 2010. Dear goodness. That is an outrageous stat, but I believe it. Follow Emily on Twitter for more of her work!

4. 6 Things That Always Seem to Happen When You’re Late

The team over at Cracked nailed it on the head. These things have always happened to me when I’m late for work. I can only sit here and laugh, really. Tell me none of these 6 things have ever happened to you and maybe I’ll buy you an ice cream cone, considering it is National Ice Cream month. Well, if you’re in Seattle, that is. :)

5. The Guide to Cat Massage

Let’s face it. The Internet loves cats. Even if you hate cats, you can’t help but look at a picture with a kitten in a hat and say, “Awwww.” Massage Therapy Schools designed this graphic for those who want to teach their cats how to give the best massages. I can’t imagine a cat really doing any of this but if anyone can train their cat to do any of this, let me know!

6. Attack of the In-App Ad

As an avid app user, I have tons of them on my iPhone. Angry Birds, Twitter, Facebook and a few organizational apps are constantly in use. Then there’s apps like Netflix and Hulu, which I a love/hate sort of relationship with. Apps are becoming more ad filled these days and it pays the bills. BuySellAds put together this infographic about the ads in apps. I get it, I know why they’re doing it, but I just hate it as a user. Regardless, this great infographic highlights some data and figures on what is going with in-app ads and what they future may potentially look like. I just hope I don’t have to watch a 90 second ad commercial whenever I want to post on my friend’s Facebook wall. ;)