This is a guest post from Tony Shin – with a double major in Economics and Management from the University of Washington, this Seattle native regularly contributes his work to several other publications. He has moved into social media and creative design in hopes to help lead and innovate the future of information with others. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook!

1. Design Blogs Compared

The imagination and creativity of designers are rare. They visualize expressions, colors and tones in such a way that it would take the average person weeks or months to illustrate what designers would in a matter of days. This infographic for One Extra Pixel breaks down some of the biggest design blogs and interestingly enough, the traffic that they get.

“Why the traffic?” Well, it’s quite simple. One key to a great blog is the design. The more or less subtle aesthetics of any site, large or small, can make the user experience that much better and the one thing that every blogger hopes for: organic traffic. It’s great that designers are continuously blogging about their designs. It’s a helping hand for all those bloggers frustrated with the design of their site. After all, a blogger treats their blog like a mother to her child. She cares for it so much and wants to see the child grow into someone great. Take a look at some of the best.

2. Never Leave Home Again

Imagine if you could accomplish everything from the comforts of your home, in your pajamas. Well, in this day and age, you pretty much can. But to visualize what that might look like, weighing out all the options, addressing the issues and concerns, College at Home put together this infographic. In all my time spent on the Internet, I’ve seen thousands of infographics. When I saw this one, my simple and humble reply was, “Wow. Nailed it.”

And they really did. The aesthetics of this infographic present the facts and stats that address some of the important things in life. I truly applaud the designer for this one. Among the thousands of infographics, there are few very that I am ever impressed with. This is definitely toward the top of my list. Take a look at the graphic and soak in the reasons to never leave home again.

3. The Evolution of the Long-Distance Relationship

Anyone who is in a long distance relationship can tell you, it’s tough. I’ve never been in one, nor do I ever plan to be in one, but I can only imagine the struggles. Your significant other is 3000 miles away and the only things you have to stay in touch are your phone and computer. This graphic for Rounds by Column Five Media shows just how far along those long distance relationships have come by illustrating the evolution of what it used to be like to what it’s become now. Hilarious.

4. 10 Reasons to Visit Tokyo

As if the mere thought of Tokyo wasn’t enough, put together this adorable looking graphic which highlights some of the biggest reasons why anyone should visit Tokyo. I really liked the design of the actual graphic along with the aesthetics that capture what Tokyo, and all it’s glory, is all about.

Of the 10 reasons, I think my favorite reason to visit Tokyo would be #6: Harajuku. The Gwen Stefani brand has completely intrigued and influenced the culture of hip hop and those who swear by it. It’s amazing to think about what sort of impact a brand like that has. To play a part in any culture, especially one as big as hip hop, steering the trend, alongside those awesome looking fanny packs, is very impressive and inspiring.

5. Cheaters

College is tough. I don’t remember how difficult elementary school was, but high school wasn’t nearly as tough as college. But I know it’s getting harder, which means students are stressing more. What does that result in? Cheating. This infographic from the team over at Online Masters Degree highlights some ridiculous statistics about cheating. Aside from the subject at hand, the aesthetics of the graphic really got to me. I mean, to incorporate standardized test sheets into the design of the title is purely ingenious. Not to mention the look of the graphic, which compliments and subtly reminds the reader what they’re reading about. Amazing. A great tip for all the designers out there!

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