In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a badge-styled logo for a fictional mobile application called Task App. We’ll be learning how to use Illustrator’s Blend tool.

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How to Create a Professional Logo For an App


Step 1

First, we’ll need to sketch a few ideas and then send them over to the client for revisions. Let’s just say he chose to go with badge style, and that he or she didn’t complain about anything (It’s all fictional, remeber?).
However, get those analog shetches scanned up and ready to be digitized.

Step 2

It’s recommendable to create logos in vector so they can be resized to virtually any size. We’re going to use Illustrator for this purpose.
Create a document and import (drag and drop) the scanned sketch into it for reference. Name the layer ‘sketch’, lock it, and create another layer on top of it with name ‘logo’.

Step 3

According to the sketch, create a transparent circle with somewhat thick border (I used 4 px). In the centre of it, place text ‘Task App’ written in Ballpark font.

Step 4

Create a rounded rectangle with parameters on the picture, click ‘ok’ and then replicate it four times and position them around the sign.

Step 5

Now we’ll create 8 spots around the sign to make it look like a clock, and we’ll use blending tool to do it. First create two dots, position them apart and group them together (Ctrl+G).

Step 6

Go to Object -> Blend -> Blend Options and set values to the ones used in the picture. Then go to Object -> Blend and click ‘Make’. You’ll get 8 dots, beautifully arranged in a line.

Step 7

Draw another cicle on top of the sign to create the base for dots. Then select the circle and dots and go Object -> Blend -> Replace Spine to make them follow it.

Step 8

You’ll need to fix that quarter of circle that circles didn’t fill. You do that by selecting the Scissors Tool (C) and clicking in the middle of the top dot.

Step 9

Adjust the rotation and size of the blend to make it look a little bit like a pizza.

Step 10

The easiest way to make the badge-sort of shape is by using the star tool and I recommend you to do so.

Step 11

Select the ‘pizza’ shape we created previously (all of it) and go to Object -> Expand and click ‘Ok’. Then group them together and go to Effect -> Pathfinder -> Merge.
This will cause all the elements to behave like a single shape – try changing its color.

Step 12

Now drag it above the badge shape we created (Use Right Click -> Arrange -> Bring to front to see what you’re doing) and group them toghether when you’re satisfied with the look.
Go to Effect -> Pathfinder once again and select ‘Subtract’.

Step 13

You can now paste the design into Photoshop, apply some effects and play with color variations.

Final Results

Download the PSD

filename.psd | 9 MB

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