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This is our first magazine subscription giveaway here at Inspired Mag’s Freebie Tuesday series and we’re SO excited that our friends at Mag Nation are offering 12 issues of the amazing IdN Magazine to one lucky reader!

What is Mag Nation?


Lond story short, Mag Nation is the world’s first and only magazine superstore. With over 4,000 magazine titles, they have the largest range of mainstream and special interest magazines in the galaxy. They’re also offering the coolest range of t-shirts, fashion and design books, and designer stationery items for you to drool over and purchase via The Third Floor.

Why Is It So Cool?

The Land of Mags allows you to purchase magazine subscriptions to both popular and special interest magazine titles. Magazine subscriptions can also be bought over the counter at their retail stores. Mag Nation is devoted to magazines and the intersection of design, urban and visual fashion and culture. And – best of all – they are a small startup company!



After you’ve finished browsing the huge magazine virtual city searching for cool titles, you should try the Magdentifier – a cool tool that helps you discover the best magazines for you, based on your personality.

The IdN Magazine


IdN – aka International designers Network – caters for digital content creators and those who dig the Image. Gathering an impressive following from all corners of the globe, the mag has been heralded as the essential resource for those working or studying within the world of design, and it’s not hard to see why. The newest releases in design technology make this a valuable destination for your software, media and design needs. Rates as one of the most popular mags at mag nation.

The Giveaway


Enter to win the yearly subscription to IdN magazine:

  • tell us in the comments why you deserve the most awesome mag in the world
  • tweet this message: Get a Free Yearly Subscription to IdN Magazine from @mag_nation and @inspiredmag RT to join!

The Winner

TabithaBecause IdN is the reason I got into graphic design. The first copy i ever saw I fell in love with, and it has continued to fuel my passion. Congrats Tabitha, you’ll will receive an email from the mag nation team to fine-tune your subscription details.

Thank you all for the amazing comments, tweets and feedback! We’ve got it – you like inspirational print magazines as much as we do, so we’ll sure continue the awesome collaboration with mag nation and start a neat Print Love article series. Stay tuned!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • I deserve the prize because I will, month after month, gradually become a better designer by reading it. ;)

  • I deserve the prize because I want to be inspired and to learn. I’m a vacuum for design news, inspiration and tips.

  • I bought the Illustration Special in 2009 and it was awsome! It was such an inspiration for me. I bought it when i was working on a design for a T-shirt and it really helped me a lot. The interviews with the illustrators learned me how they do their jobs.
    It’s difficult to explain my enthusiasm in english.
    Perhaps you should check out my portfolio:

  • Because “Taste is the enemy of creativity” (Pablo Picasso)

  • Because I’m awesome.


    i Deserve it because i’ve still so much to learn and i need texbooks, students are poor | poor students :)

  • i deserve it because i can live vicariously through the magazine.

  • Looks like a cool thing to win. I am game :)

  • I deserve this prize because I’m an out-of-work designer in desperate need of inspiration. : /

  • I deserve this most righteous prize because well, being the best mag out there for designers, IdN will supply me with an Everest size helping of inspiration and information. Can’t beat that!

  • I can never get enough design inspiration. Thanks.

  • because I want to increase my knowledge and become a better professional

  • ngb

    creative juice creation in splendid print form.

  • Because I discovered that some deeper information makes the difference. Sometimes it is not enough just see some images in your web browser, you need some extra information to get the idea.

  • drh

    I deserve to win so that I can dive head long back into an inspired mood and start designing again!

  • Lilliana

    I deserve it ’cause I’m poor and can’t afford it. Hee hee. Also, to become a better designer I need inspiration and education, the kind you can’t get in a classroom.

  • Because even though we all might think we are the best designers in the world…there’s always something new to learn and get one step ahead of the competition.

  • I would just love to receive this magazine, cause I’m working as a designer for 1 year and I would really love to grow in this sphere of business and for that I need a lot of inspiration :) Of course I get a lot of that just visiting websites about design, but reading something from printed material gives more emotions and thoughts.

  • I deserve it because I wanna get/be inspired in the morning, going to colledge by bus, every day. That’s exactly what this magazine would do for me. Thanks.

  • I really want this!! Please :-)

  • Because even though we might think that we are awesome designers…there’s always something new to learn. Always stay one step ahead of the competition!

  • I deserve the magazine because I’ve been buying it and read it all the way through. Would love to have it delivered to my office and for free.

  • cuz i need to look something in the toilet.

  • Why do I deserve this prize? Everyone needs a place to turn on those days when the creative juices aren’t flowing!

  • Looks like a really interesting magazine.

  • I deserve it because I swam the ocean to rescue the puppy that was stuck on some drift wood – I had to face a dilemma. My current copy of IdN I was using as a float or save the puppy from a life of whimpering and eating fish. The puppy I named ‘Paws’ the IdN I still mourn and look out to sea from time to time in hope that it found land.

  • Because I really need some inspiration and this is an amazing oportunity for me. I want to be a very good webdesigner.

  • heartEheart

    I am a recent Graphic Design graduate looking for work. I will take all the inspiration I can get. There is never enough of that.

  • Luke

    Why do i deserve it…………………….
    because i am inlove with IDN and the work that put in there, and cant afford my your subscription on my below standard salary at the moment

  • Bkmhoxx

    Tryin to make it on my own as a freelance designer and photographer so anything that offers the opportunity to gain knowledge, creativity and insight at the price i can afford (FREE) is a perfect match.

  • I deserve to win because it’s a great source of education and inspiration for a designer, and a great way to keep up to date with current designs and techniques. Plus it’s always great to have a magazine that is not only interesting to read but visually pleasing.

  • I need a subscription to IdN because, with luck, today’s interview will go well and I will transition from being a web designer to being a full-fledged graphic designer.

  • I would like to win so that I can better my techniques and styles of design. It would be awesome to have something inspiring & aesthetically pleasing to read when I don’t have access to the interwebs. Design Blogs are awesome, but every now and then it’s great to go back to analog.

  • I teach graphic design in high school and this would be an excellent resource for my students! Pick me!!!

  • the subscription would rock, first time hearing about the mag actually. love it!

  • Francisco S.

    I deserve the price because I want to be inspired with this great magazine. I want this so much, please.

    surely thats in essence what everyone is trying to say?

  • Andrew

    With the help of IdN I will can be inspired by great design work by great designers

  • We need more inspiration for the office!

  • dv

    Without a free subscription I might as well be blind. Or something. Srsly though keep on keepin on with the stuff of awesomeness that you guys produce.

  • Lisa Collins

    I deserve to win because my Bipolar Disorder is in full swing again, allowing my creativity to come out again in full force but also disrupting my entire life in the process. This would help give me something else to look forward to each month. Besides, I couldn’t afford the subscription either way and would love to be immersed in the culture!

  • i deserve it because magazines are my favorite. i buy hundreds a year and keep them forever. for better or worse, i prefer them over books.

  • I’m an up and coming freelance web design entrepreneur and I love design in general, so I would use IdN as the main source of inspiration and education to help my business grow and in turn enrich the design community :D

  • Ryan Killeen

    Recent graduate finding things tough, really need cheering up :D

  • Mike A

    I need a subscription to IdN to inspire me to do more… and get my portfolio done:)

  • Because it’s free!! Secondly because it’s about design…

  • I deserve this magazine because I am a designer starting my own company in a 3rd world country (Nicaragua) and need all the help I can get, so free inspirational materals for a year would be great

  • Because, you -want- to give me the magazine subscriptions *waves hands in front of face*


  • I deserve it because I am already an IdN fan and would make everyone around me fans too!
    I am about keeping print alive and yet moving it towards the eco-conscious era… Organic Synthetic Paper anyone???
    IdN inspires me to do this and I will.

  • i use to buy this magazine but since im a dad i have to use that budget for diappers and milk formula, so is a great chance to keep reading this magazine

  • I deserve it because I’m trying to set myself up with some freelance work after graduating and any help and insight to the real world of design would be brilliant.

    Also, I just adore getting design magazines and books. There’s just something so special and inspiring about holding beautifully printed and laid out pieces of work.

  • I need this free subscription because:

    1. It’s Free!
    2. I would love to have access to 12 months of creative inspiration.


  • I hope i deserve the subscription because I’m a young design student in Holland with an urge to learn everything out there.

  • I’m a maagzine addict! I will read every word, and I will cut out the best articles and pictures and hang them on my wall… no dusty basement piles or well-meaning but forgotten flagged articles for my magazines.

  • Sara Beth Parks

    I deserve it, because I love design and love daily inspiration. And, because it’s a magazine, and I still love print so much. :)

  • I deserve the IdN subscription because…

    I work on accounts for a number of Fortune 500 companies and I need to stay inspired by awesome work on a daily basis.

    This IdN subscription would give me instant access to the cream of the crop in a heartbeat.

  • Socialite

    I want to learn, learn and learn some more. IdN magazine will inspire me (I’m a newbie in design).

  • I enjoy cheese, and while eating cheese, I need a good magazine to read, something that will compliment the enjoyment I receive while nibbling on some sharp cheddar or brie.

  • Because I love iDN but it’s hard to come by where I am so I would love a subscription.

  • Because I want to read a good magazine with good pictures… some let me breathles.

  • Grady

    I have so many great creative ideas that have yet to be shown to me in magazine form.

  • Dan

    I need some bathroom+laptop reading material!

  • Because IdN is the reason I got into graphic design. The first copy i ever saw I fell in love with, and it has continued to fuel my passion.

  • LucieCastro

    I deserve the subscription because I am not a designer by trade but because I love it.

  • I deserve the subscription because I am a college student going into the work force soon and will have to deal with a poor economy while trying to make it as a designer which will inevitably make me fairly poor! Nuff Said!

  • Julien

    It takes me to a happy designing place full of colour and typography. and inspires me to make beautiful street fashion.

  • Omar

    i think i deserve it because we don’t have such as these magazines in our region,plus i can improve my skills in my major to a higher level.

  • Because I never. win. anything.

  • Ange Raven

    With a dust storm in Sydney confining us indoors it’s a perfect time to get creative and try to connect with other designers…if only i had a copy of IdN right now!

  • because I have ADD, and one more creatively stimulating magazine will certainly push me over the edge, there by clearing the way for medication…

  • stewart

    I had a dream last night that something amazing would come my way. I think that this is it. I can see my life becoming complete just by winning. Now, I consider myself an overachiever but to win THIS MAG!.. well, let’s just say it would finally make my wife think I was a stud and I probably would get so many sweet ideas that I would explode. So, hopefully you’ll make my dream come true.

  • i’d love to win the free subscription because i’ve heard incredibly fabulous things about IdN but have never seen it because the bookstore by me doesn’t stock it.

    as for deserve? i guess that is for you to decide…hehe.

  • Ryan

    The most awesome mag in the world ought to be thrust unto me to inspire me to become a better designer and give back to the world what designers ought to in the first place; functional yet beautiful design.

  • I deserve to win because I love to learn and strive to continue the learning process, plus the mag ROCKS!

  • No need to blow the horn again, every body knows how FANTASTIC IDN is. There is no point in telling every one again how GREAT it is, and i’m not begging to get an AMAZING mag for free. Whoops…….

  • i deserve a subscription to that i can keep up with the greatness that is IdN…& so i can be just as great!!!

  • Simple. I’m a know-it-all who needs to be put in his place. That and I don’t use the word “awesome.” I prefer ‘ossum.’

  • because it’s the most awesome mag in the world! And I want it!

  • Because I devour design inspiration that I can touch.

    And also because I don’t have a subscription to your CMYK yummi~ness yet so I’ll probably be addicted once I try it…..hehehehe!

  • agnes rudio

    I want it because i know it will help me to be inspired and see a better, colorful world. :)

  • Because I’m not yet that awsome, but want to get awsom-er, using this awsom-est magazine. Awsome!

  • I deserve it because…

    Its been a long time since I’ve taken something hot, sexy and entertaining to bed.

    All the best.

  • …bacause im learn.

  • Guido

    Because I live in Brazil!!

  • I am a student and can barely afford rent let alone amazing mags such as IdN… plus I am SICK of HOW and would like to be won over by a different magazine!

  • Stuart Watt

    ….because, because, because; he’s the wonderful wizard of Oz….

  • i deserve it cause i’ve been so much time reading design magazines, so now it would be great to have the best one for free

  • because, if you give me a subscription, this will increase your subscriber list, which in turn will allow you to charge more for advertising, which is how magazines make money.

    thank you for the free subscription.

    Also, each month I will give my copy to someone else, and when they are finished they have to give it to someone else and so on…..

    thank you

  • I love to receive magasine trough the mail, they are so much better than a online magasine subscribtion! Print magasines are the reason I got into graphic design.

  • Piet

    Because our graphic design teacher just retired and this would be the best substitute teacher in the world.

  • Jared

    I think I should get it because I love Design and would be so much inspired if I got the mag. I could go off it creating unique designs for all.

  • …because.

  • Because I spread inspiration and ideas like the IdN Magazine does.

  • Ben

    12 months of free creative inspiration? I deserve that.

  • Matt Kapust

    I deserve this because I have 3 part time design jobs and I goto school and I need all the help I can get to keep inspired and working.

  • I had no idea it existed… How have I lived my whole life without knowing?

  • I’ve just started as a designer and would love to have a healthy dose of creativity for 12 months, that’ll help me survive in this vast industry.

  • because it’s not the winning, but the reading of the magazine that matters.

  • Because I remember reading it two years ago in HK and can’t find it in Paris or at outrageous prices. It’s a shame, considering it’s the BEST graphic design magazine in the world (no less!)

  • él Woods

    I deserve it because I once wrestled a giraffe to the ground with my bare hands!

  • I deserve this magazine because I need it to fuel my creativity to get my freelance stationary design business off the ground, and like most designers, I’m poor. Thanks!

  • Martin B

    Quite frankly I do not deserve to win.
    Sure, I design pretty things and read cool and colourful magazines, but IdN is hardcore.
    It makes me feel small and insignificant like the space left amongst an overzealous kerning job.

  • Suprasonic

    because i need to go

  • micha

    I deserve it because I am an IT person who is tryng to switch careers to his true calling. Thanks in advance!

  • because I don’t read design magazines and I should perhaps start to;-)

  • I deserve to win because when you have chosen me, I will use the knowledge gained from these wonderful resources into making the world a better place

  • Grfk Dzgn

    Hi IdN, my name is Grfk Dzgn. I’m a Imageholic.

    12 issues of IdN awesomeness would surely set my mind a realin’. I deserve your wonderful gift because it would satisfy my needs!!

  • wowza, lots of people wanted to win a subby. i never win, but hey i like twitter, commenting, and overall graphic designy things, so why not? destined to be a designer, im almost there. and by almost there, i mean notsomuch but ill get there. design for food? check. inspiredmag, i heart thee. inspire me free for a year!

  • i deserve the magazine because im such a little sweet girl trying to get bigger. Inspiration can help me.

    (And ldN? one year? Huge!)

  • I deserve it because i could use the magazine first to be inspired and then to make the coolest design with plied paper using the very same magazine and theeeeeen that design could get published in (guess what?) the very same magazine ;)

  • I’m entering to win because I *need* to be constantly reminded that I can do better as a designer. Designers should never stop learning – especially when they’re trying to break out of a sad in-house department into freelance, as I am. Besides, IdN is amazing – but with a crippling price tag. Design is for everyone, not just the moneyed agency elite.

  • Carlos M.

    I (better if I say ‘we’) deserve to win.
    It’s not about some personal achievement, just a need.
    Here, in the last place of the world, we need to know and share whats happening in the other side.
    It’s about knowledge transfer, view, read, discuss, learn.
    Be close to great designers, their minds, their works.

    That’s why I think and believe that me and my partners (design students) need a chance and win.

    Greetings from Chile!

  • I deserve the prize because I’m from Brazil!

  • i deserve the prize because i try to improve everyday and a free subscription will help me. And i m a poor Design student ;), always out of money *damn*. Cheers mates

    *tweet done*

  • pablo

    because me and others are working on our zine and eager to learn more about design so it can be more than a zine.

  • JennK

    I deserve a years subscription to IdN Mag. because to be the best you have to learn from the best. IdN is the BEST so help me become the best. It’s solid inspiration all year long!

  • JennK

    Refer to comment above for why i deserve the years subscription:

    and I fulfilled the requirements… does this prove to you that I deserve it now?

  • I deserve the years subscription to the IdN magazine because as an aspiring self-taught designer who subscribes to an endless amount of creative blogs, one can never have enough resources for inspiration. =]

  • Alen Isagholi

    For inspiration

  • Alex

    because with a subscription i’ll save the time of an intergalactic travel for reaching the earth.
    unfortunately the only planet where can i find cool mags.

    creatives lives on another galaxy.

    but you know it.

  • Remco

    because I need it

  • sandra

    I deserve the prize because I need it to improve my design works and I’m really passionate by design

  • Agathe

    I’m in DESPERATE need of escape!!
    I’m an engineer and day after day I work with annoying developers and crappy researchers who have as much design creativity as toasted bread. I CRAVE beautiful design and creative art, I READ as much as my dead-end job permits me. I’m like a SPONGE, learning from this amazing people that designers are, finding inspiration and relief, and hopefully, one day, the courage to do something grander with my life.

    Please, liberate me!!

  • i deserve the prize because I’m an up and coming designers that needs as much inspiration and knowledge that I can aquire.

  • Pin

    since I live so far away, and I am somewhat unfortunate and never win things, it would be very nice for me to change my luck now

  • Por que soy el unico que escribo en español, y eso que hay gente aca que se esoforzo en traducir e igual no van a ganar como yo :D !
    Y por que la necesito urgente.
    Y no me entienden le que escribo pico. :D

  • because i dont have money to buy the magazineeee. And i love it!!!!!! locotes.

  • Because my mom told me I could finally be part of the cool kids if I own 12 issues of IdN…

    Let me be hip!


  • I deserve the Sub because I’m 15 years old, and need fresh inspiration to get my game on and improve!

  • i need inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

  • I sell fish in the central market of Santiago de Chile and i want IDN magazine to make awesome wraps to the product. People would love buy Salmón and Congrio from me and not from my neighbour José “el mariscador”. 12 numbers means from me alot because i sell more fish and get more money for my family. And finally, if i win, i will send it to you delicious fish. Thanks!

  • rafa

    La merezco por ser un crá y los crá merecemos ganar.

  • Juan Pablo Campusano

    I deserve the most awesome mag in the world because I’m not awesome at all, therefore, if I own it, I’ll be able to appreciate it more than anyone else.

  • I deserve this mag because I am a forward thinker. I take the time to understand why I stumble, and learn never to stumble twice. I deserve this mag because I don’t deserve success, but I deserve the opportunity to become successful. I deserve not to be better, but the opportunity to become better. I don’t deserve to be unique, I deserve to be me.

  • estonoesarte

    i realy need :)

  • because

    I Like To Move It Move It
    I Like To Move It Move It
    I Like To Move It Move It
    Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)

    and love da mag agascar

  • crajohn

    because I want to see that it will happen with the inspiration

  • Ibarra Padolina

    because it’s time to change my other arts magazine subscription…

  • I don’t really think I have done anything special to deserve it.. I personally would just enjoy a magazine like yours so I can get inspiration off of the internet (which is beginning to make me sick)

  • RG

    Because i will smack anybody in the back of the head who says IdN isn’t the best art magazine. I’m positive its the only one that has some heart put into it, rather than just trying to meet deadlines.

  • Jeanine

    I deserve everything i my life because I am better then the rest of the losers in this world and much more smart!!!

  • hello.
    we are the warholl digital magz from indonesia.
    nice to visit your website. :D

  • deepak