This list created specifically for developers and web designers brings some of the freshest resources for inspiration to give you a hand in your projects. In this list, you will find JS libraries, jQuery plugins, themes and the odd web design article to expand your horizons. Take a look, grab the resources you like the most and more importantly: enjoy them!

Avalanche: Nice Effect Created with the Matter.JS Physics Engine


Motion UI Design Principles: Beyond Kinetic Article

Motion UI design Principles

Video.JS: Open Source HTML5 Video Player


Jeet: a More Intuitive Grid System


Trianglify: JS Library for Generating Colorful Triangle Meshes


iHover: a CSS3 Hover Effects Pack

ihover effects

Generic Data Binder for JQuery: 2-Way Data Binder

Generic Data binder for jQuery

Touringg: an Advanced Tourism WordPress Theme

Touring WP theme

Understanding CSS 3D-transforms: a Pencilscoop Article

Understanding CSS 3D transforms

Flat Tool: Corporate Responsive HTML Template

Flat Tool

CSS and SVG Masks: Live Demo Experiments to Beautify Images

CSS and SVG masks

Phinx: PHP Database Migration Tool


Stroll.JS: a Collection of Nice CSS List Scroll Effect


Mithril: Alternative to JQuery JavaScript Framework


WildFlat: Flat and Professional Corporate Template

WildFlat HTML template

Word Guessing Game: Nice Experiment for a Game Similar to Hangman

Word guessing game

Jqinstapics: Simple JQuery Plugin to Display the Latest Pics of an Instagram Feed


How to Use Steps() in CSS Animations: a Designmodo Article

how to use steps () in CSS animations

MN Flow: Grid Theme with Bootstrap and Masonry

MN flow WP theme

Virality: Straight up Blogging Theme Inspired in Sites like Upworthy and Viralnova

Virality WP theme

Magic Animations: a Library of CSS Animations

Magic Animations

Wallaby Canvas: Sidebar Menu with CSS Transform and Canvas

Wallaby canvas

Letterfx: JQuery Plugin to Apply Animations to Strings of Text

LetterFX jQUery plugin

Langwitch: 10 Layered PSDs for an Ecommerce Template

Langwitch PSD template

The Future of JavaScript Animation with a Percolate Studio Article

The future of Javascript animations with

Gridz: Pinterest like Personal Blogging Theme

Gridz WP theme

Canvas Background Effect: Nice Background Effect for Inspiration

Canvas background effect

Cookies.JS: Small Client-Side Library to Manage Cookies


A Designers Guide to Ghost Theming: a Sven Read Article

A designers guide to ghost theming

Advanced Animation Path: a Superb Code Experiment with Animated SVG

Advanced animation path