Freebie Tuesday – Get the New Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch

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OK, Freebie Tuesday is becoming really popular so we must keep up with the expectations! This time FireHost is giving away Wacom’s New Bamboo Pen and Touch (launched just a few days ago) to help TWO Creative Professionals get in touch with Secure Hosting practices.

Who is Firehost?


FireHost is web hosting secured. They provide advanced hosting techniques like web application protection to help keep your sites (and your clients’ sites) running smoothly online, protected from hackers.

Application security is especially important for websites built on open source platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Without proper protection, these sites may be susceptible to SQL Injections, DoS attacks, Cross-site Request Forgery, Google Hacking, and a host of other attacks that can take you offline, or worse… out of business.

Design Oriented Services

On the quest to protect websites, FireHost has really honed into our unique needs as designers. They take the headache out of managing a technical hosting environment and provide:

  • SSL VPN Administration so you can manage files for multiple clients from one protected, server login
  • Open Source Expertise and Installation Support so you can explore new CMSs with confidence
  • Global Content Delivery capable of delivering the websites you design to visitors the world

Happy People

Don’t take their word for it, ask your peers about their experience with FireHost’s secure hosting. They protect:

Bamboo Pen & Touch from Wacom


Bamboo Pen & Touch combines the benefits of Multi-Touch with the comfort and precision of Wacom’s ergonomically-designed pen. The result: a powerful new way to work with your computer. With Multi-Touch, you use simple hand gestures and finger taps on the tablet’s surface. And because the active area is larger than traditional mobile devices and laptop trackpads, it’s comfortable and natural to use. Easily move around your desktop, scroll through documents, navigate the web, zoom in and out of photos, and rotate images.

Need precision? Pick up the pressure-sensitive pen to edit photos, create personal greetings, make sketches, and mark up documents in your own handwriting.

Using Bamboo is easy—even if you’re new to the touch experience. The included tutorial will teach you how to use simple hand gestures to move around your desktop, make selections, and complete other tasks on your computer. You can even customize your Bamboo experience by assigning your own shortcuts to the four ExpressKeys™.

Bamboo works with your existing computer: desktop or laptop, PC or Mac. And it’s an incredible value with the included software: Adobe® Photoshop® Elements and Nik® Color Efex Pro™. Sleek and black, the tablet makes for a stylish addition to your workspace. Attach Bamboo to a standard USB port, set it comfortably by your keyboard, and let your intuition guide you.

Basically it makes an iTablet out of any computer :]

The Giveaway


Enter to win one of the two Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch packs offered by Firehost & Inspired Mag:

  • tell us in the comments why you deserve the ultimate tool for designers & Multi – Touch enthusiasts
  • follow @FireHost & @InspiredMag on Twitter
  • tweet this message: Get a Free Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch from @FireHost and @InspiredMag RT to enter the giveaway!

The Winners

  • Jason – why do we need one? hmm… to start, it’s for our intern, who obviously is pinching pennies and even $99 plus tax would pinch her bank account. why we want her to have one… if she were to win, she would probably jump up and down and spin around with so much excitement, that she would fall over, bump her head, and in the process of her accident, would see all sorts of amazing creative visions and inspiration for designing cool things, helping us to make more money so that we would be able to pay her in more than free lunches, which is only causing weight gain not creative gain
  • Luke Jones – It’d be absolutely amazing and a great help if I won this, I’m a struggling freelance designer, and this piece of kit would allow me to spread my wings that little bit further and show the world what I can do. If I were to win this, it would be one of the best things that could happen to me.

Congrats guys, you’ll be contacted by the Firehost team. Thx everybody for your entries and stay tuned for more!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • A few hours ago I ordered one :). Why I need it? Because I won’t have to pay for the other one :D

  • sassyele

    I’d so love to win this, although i’m not a designer, i’m all for new technology and this is superb! i reckon i deserve it for just being me! LoL :-) xx

  • Arvind Singh

    Well I am a wannabe designer and have just started learning things. With WACOM Bamboo Pen and Touch, I am sure that it will help me a lot in becoming a great designer one day.. :)

  • Sarah

    I don’t deserve this (I’m entering competitions during work hours – naughty me!) but I would love to win it – a lot! It would help prevent the RSI and carpal tunnel I currently get doing clipping masks and colouring with a mouse…

  • meg

    ((…umm.. i deserve this wonderful product because i love infusing both digital and fine art, and this tool would only better my abilites.. yes. :D ))

  • cause it would make me even sexier!

  • Why I need the Wacom tablet?

    So that I can sharpen my (digital) artistic skills – it’s mind-numbingly painful do draw using a mouse!


  • My current tablet is some offbrand, highly dysfunctional POS that I bought from Woot haha.

  • i need it because i hate mice.

  • Silje Gabrielsen

    First someone stole my pen and then when I finally got a pen again, it suddenly didn’t work. Hope this live longer and is way better. I miss it a lot and my arm is killing me by using a mouse.

  • Marta

    I deserve a Bamboo pen and touch because I’m a graphic designer in training and would love to incorporate hand-drawn details into my work.

  • my last bamboo tablet has recently broke and i loved it :(

  • i keep on trying to move things with my fingers on my actual bamboo… but it’s not possible

  • So I can get away from the mouse and have a more natural way to create designs!

  • Hi,

    I’m follow. My RT:
    I need it because this is my first Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch.

  • I deserve the Bamboo because I really want to use Photoshop’s brushes and improve my designs (using a mouse simply doesn’t cut it). :D

  • I need this because I’m starting up a webcomic with one of the most proficient artists I’ve ever seen and his tablet just broke which has halted production of our tiny upcoming comic!

  • Because I work as at the Communication/PR department for an orphanage for Pandabears located deep in the in the Himalaya’s. The sole survival of hundreds of baby panda’s depend solely on me being able to make a fantastic website.

    Something that I won’t be able to do unless I win one of those new fantastic Bamboo Touches. So for the sake of the baby Panda bears. Please pick me!

    (Not really, though you have to admit, would be cool if it were true, no?)

  • My wife is a design goddess and, my love life would considerably improve if I were to give this to her as a gift!

  • I deserve it because I am gonna be a Ninja Rockstar Illustrator.

  • I am new to the wonderful world of designing. I was going to order the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet (Medium) in the next week. I thank God I came across this article because I would have ended up buying the old model. Now, InspiredM has presented a great opportunity to get hands on the new Wacom Bamboo Pen-and-Touch. Even If I don’t win I will go ahead and buy it!

  • I deserve to have the Bamboo because I’m joining a new start-up company that can’t afford to provide all the proper equipment to do great creative work. By having that, I would be able to help them create great work so that the next set of creatives they hire would be able to get one. Also, it’s really great for making my wrist not hurt.

  • I need it because im from venezuela, and we have no dollars, so its impossible to get one =C im a designer and photographer and i love wacom =)


  • I retweeted. I followed. Now I am commenting ; …I am an artist/illustrator and winning this would complete me :)

  • I’m Following & sent Tweet. I need this Bamboo touch because I am in front of my computer 18 hours of the day. My wrist hurts from using a mouse and it would help me be more efficient with my design/editing abilities. In turn, I would be able to promote your product within my office as well as with my professional networks of over-worked individuals that are looking for time saving solutions. ;)

  • Marie

    I am new to tthe world of cool geek toys. Hit me up and improve my street cred!

  • I need the Wacom tablet because I’m physically the only one who can draw in our small business (2 people, my wife is in a wheelchair). Yup! PLAYIN’ THE WHEELCHAIR CARD!

    But seriously, I think it would help me improve as a designer immensely.

  • Emily

    I’m just starting out in the design business and I have very little money to invest in all the nessecery gadgetry so this would be a dream come true! I’ve had my current Wacom for 5 years and its the basic of the basic, winning this one would mean a whole new world of possibilities and improved design skills for me. Plus sometimes I accidentally try and use my wacom with my finger anyway so I was born to use this particular tablet!

  • The only mouse I want around is Mickey all the rest just don’t shape up too well in my design days

  • vvvvvv20

    it looks like I could make a pc feel like a mac with this one!

  • i need a wacom tablet! i like to draw and i would use my hand drawn art a lot more in my designs if i had a wacom tablet… i recently graduated from art school and cant afford a wacom tablet right now because of those school loans. thanks!

  • Rich Hemsley

    I just started design school and need one of these!

  • Dave

    I need it because my cat ate my mouse…

  • Joe

    I need one because I love Multitouch so much I find my self doing gestures at my desktop even though it doesn’t support it. This Wacom tablet seems like a dream device.

  • I want and need the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch to further create amazing artwork with ease and precision. Working with a tablet is clearly the next progression of efficiency, right after getting a second monitor! I really want the prize, because it’s made of awesome!

  • This would make me unbelievably happy. I have yet to experience the joy of working in illustrator with a wacom tablet, and this would be the perfect chance to get started. Especially since I’m doing more and more illustrator work it would help my workflow out. Right now I’m still using the mouse with anchor points. :) Thanks.

  • There is a spot on my desk that has been naked for too long! It’s specifically reserved for wacom tablet. Clothe my desk!! :)

  • I’m an inter-disciplinary designer student, and I just had my first Wacom experience last semester. I’m left-handed and have been doing all my digital art with my mouse in my right hand. I would love to use the Wacom to finally be able to DRAW in Photoshop and Illustrator – just think of what an improvement that would make to my skill set!

  • Tommy

    there’s a wacom shaped hole in my workflow. can you fill it?

  • NFTN

    I tried a tablet in a store once, got completely sold on it, great for my designs and my photography. Just that I can’t afford it.

  • I’m a graphic design student and this would definitely help me get A’s in all of my classes! :)

  • Jason

    I work between a Macbook and Mac Pro desktop and it would be nice to have the similar touch interaction with my desktop that I get from my laptop. I’ve requested to order one but was denied because we are undergoing a 15% budget cut. I am a graphic designer/web developer.

  • mikeo

    ummm it would make illustration easier. and mouses are boring.

  • Claudia

    I’m a freelance translator myself and sometimes I have to do the DTP myself. This would be a nice addition and would help me a lot.

  • JB

    I should win this, because it makes my old tablet look ancient and wussy by comparison :)

  • Being able to sketch directly onto the computer would save on paper and aid in my goal of creating a completely paperless office.

  • Jessica Rodgers

    I need one because I don’t have one yet. I’m an aspiring digital artist and Web design student. I love to have anything that would make my life easier and more fun.

  • neozippo

    I have an old one (2 versions old) and never liked the feeling of it, but touch?? Heck yeah!!!

  • i realy need to get of my current mouse and with a touch tablet what better replacement!

  • Nice giveaway !!
    I would use it for sure when I need to retouch pictures. It would be much nicer with a pen instead of the mouse !

  • I need it because I am a college student studying graphic design. I just got Abode Illustrator a couple of months ago and it would definitely help me out with certain tutorials.

  • Jessica Cave

    I think it would be a great learning tool. I’d like to make a name for myself in the design community, so I can use all the help I can get.

  • i’ve been wanting to try the bamboo tablet for a while and now with touch it’ll be even easier to create art on my computer and same some trees!

  • Shel

    Drawing with a mouse makes anything I scribe look like I have palsy; can’t draw a straight line to save my soul. What a blessing it would be to have the Bamboo Tablet & Pen.

    Tweeted & Following too:

  • Why do I need one?
    Simple … To form all my creativity, satisfying my clients the best.

  • I could use one so I could produce more mock ups in less time!

  • jason

    why do we need one? hmm… to start, it’s for our intern, who obviously is pinching pennies and even $99 plus tax would pinch her bank account. why we want her to have one… if she were to win, she would probably jump up and down and spin around with so much excitement, that she would fall over, bump her head, and in the process of her accident, would see all sorts of amazing creative visions and inspiration for designing cool things, helping us to make more money so that we would be able to pay her in more than free lunches, which is only causing weight gain not creative gain. ;)

  • Brianna Sullivan

    Having a bamboo pen and touch would allow me to expand my creativity first of all. Allowing me to create beautiful drawings with the pen and using the bamboo touch as a tablet. Also it would expand my use of my touch pad as it gives even more features beyond touch and click (and mine does not even scroll). This would allow me to speed up my daily computer use by at least 20 percent. In general, this tool would allow me to create beautiful things and allow me to be more efficient and successful.

  • Pam McClung

    I deserve it because I’m a hard working designer who really would love to expand what I can do and I love to try out new tools! This way I wouldn’t have to ask my boss to buy me one and watch him grumble.

  • Nico

    I need one because the trackpad is limited, therefore my creativity. In a student’s income, I can’t afford one of these sweet things. Therefore I need one but I can’t afford one. Winning one would be awesome!

  • Wow. This is a very generous giveaway!

    If I had one of these, I would of course use it for my web design work. My hands and wrists start hurting after long periods of image editing using only a mouse, and I think that this might help.

  • I would love to win this tablet because I am currently a student, and just starting out as a freelance designer. I can’t afford to buy my own yet, as my wife is supporting my dreams right now, and the faster I can get better, the faster I can give her a vacation from her two jobs!

  • I Follow. I Tweet. I am also a student. One that is starting his own freelance design business. One that is being supported by his wife while she works 2 jobs to support his dreams. One who would like to get better and do better work for new clients so he can afford to give his wife a vacation. One who would really appreciate a gift like this.

  • I need one because I want one!

  • I need this because of my arthritis I have trouble using the mouse and my current tablet isn’t multimonitor compatable.

  • I’m learning Photoshop and Illustrator, I’m a good drawer and I’m sure I can make some great characters and designs. Bit with my mouse is just not posible to make cool stuff. I need a tool that help me with this. And I’m sure this would be the perfect tool to improve my Design Skills.

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW… tweeted here:

  • I love the potential illustration power that the tablet offers.

  • Nic


    . . . . and my mouse won’t do as its told !

  • Mark Stone

    Not only would it help in my photo retouching it would also enable me to create fantastic artwork of the endangered Thingamee plant which I could then sell and use the proceeds to create the worlds first Thingamee plant nature reserve right here in the lower Timbuktu coal mines. As we all know the amazing Thingamee plant really likes sooty dark locations to rear its young.

  • Because my mouse just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’d really help to elevate my design to the next level and give it the feel I’m envisioning, rather than what I’m stuck being able to create within my limitations. :(.

    Tweet also:


  • I want it because I will buy one of it shortly, I think that wacom is the best (and only IMHO) tablet productor, I really like its touch features…
    here’s my tweet:

  • I should earn this Wacom because I’m designing for ages, but never had the guts to buy a this. And now I feel like I am really running behind all others.
    Also, I have the feeling my health is dropping like really fast because I always illustrate with my mouse or mousepad of my laptop. (Ok this is a bit over the top ^_^)

    So please help me out not to get RSI, and to help me making better websites and illustrations!

    To help you to choose me.. i write a kirby with my keyboard:

    (> ‘.’)>

  • Because I have been a Wacom user & supporter for years, and I’d love to get the new Bamboo Tablet & Pen, but I am saving up to buy a silkscreening machine so I can make T-shirts. Winning this prize would definitely inspire some wicked new shirt designs… Thx, guys! *crosses fingers* =]

  • Abbey

    I am currently a studying Graphic Design and I have borrowed one from the university I attend, as I cannot afford my own, and have found it extremely useful as I am prone to RSI. It helps me get things done quickly, efficiently and without stress. I am also working and starting up my own Freelance business from home, It will be a great asset to aid me in my Career in design. I will have to give this one back very soon, and I will miss it dearly.

  • This is what we need! I hope to win it. :)

  • wow! That thing is always in my dreams every night! really want it…. i’m sure it really help me a lot in digital painting…

  • ssr11

    Well I guess nobody really needs a Wacom Bamboo Pen (that’s the zenmaster answer). I want it because I’m a designer who loves toys, especially ones that would help improve my design work :)

  • Wacom is the only truly decent tablet manufacturer in the world, and with a Bamboo I could finally get my Illustrator skills to the next level.

  • Hi! I think i deserve the Wacom bamboo Pen and touch because i am a graphic design student who has had the chance to try out a wacom tablet.. and it is simply awesome and addictive! Wacom has managed to take hand done artwork to whole new levels… and if i get one would be a dream come true, because i cant afford one on my own right now!

  • Paul

    A poor creative who recently got made redundant due to the harsh times we currently live in. Struggling to make ends meat let alone break into the freelance market. Could really use all the help I can get at the moment…

  • I need it to, get new problems I never had before ;)

  • Sam

    I would love to win this tablet – not for me but for my mum – she’s into photography and I accidentally severed a wire in her old Graphire3 a few months ago =(
    It would really help seeing as she paid over $100 for the last one…

    Thanks for all the informative articles – one of my most read RSS feeds =)

  • Mikel BAMBOO Chillida

    I think that the best “why I need it” is just that I really want it!!

  • James

    i need one of these because i have three children!
    please, think of the children!

  • I work with comics and manga images all day at work as well as spreadsheets and written documents and this would be the perfect tool to make myself more efficient and stop straining my wrist on my stupidly heavy Mac mouse.

  • Come on… none of us really deserve it more than anyone else. Yes, I’m a skint designer who lost my job due to the recession, yes, I will create many beautiful things to share with the world and make it a better place with this tablet, yes, I really want it (like reaaaalllllllyyyy want it), but there’s always going to be someone who deserves it a little bit more than me.

    With that in mind, I’ve decided instead to just share a little joke with you all to lighten up your day:

    Maggy went to the Inspired Clinic on Wednesday with severe RSI from drawing…scanning…drawing…scanning. Upon returning home her husband asked her how she got on.

    “Oh, it’s terrible honey :(“, she exclaimed.
    “Why? What happened?”, he replied.
    “They told me I’d have to take tablets for the rest of my life!”, she cried.
    “Oh.. but that’s not so bad is it?”, he questioned.
    “…but the cheapskates only had two tablets!”

    Good luck everyone :)

  • Luke

    Oh this would be so helpful! I have a daughter that turns a year old next month, this would really help me with my extra work. I would be able to get the jobs done quicker in order to spend more time with her! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I need it because I don’t have the money to buy the tablet, but if I had the tablet I could make some money improving my illustrating.

    And I need a Wacom because my name is Vacon. Too much for a coincidence.

  • Eva

    I need a black bamboo because i don’t like white anymore..

  • Shanelad

    Why I deserve the Wacom? Well I am a keen illustrator and between Adobe Ai and Ps I’m in my own little nerdy heaven. I’ve always used a mouse but have been curious for a long time about using a graphics tablet. I’ve had a brief go on one once and loved it though wasn’t sure if I’d be a convert as it was a little tricky to use as it’s not what I’m used to. Because of that it’s always seem like quite a big financial leap to make for something I’m not 100% I’ll get on with. Maybe a free wacom might help me make that step and upgrade later!?

  • Jan

    I need it do do something against my mouse arm. :-(

  • I really want it because my life has been a wreck this past week. The one girl I care about the most hates me, they want to stay friends, yet they cut me off at any time that they can.

    I have very little confidence, and my doctor just said that I might be in a cast for 4-5 weeks.

  • After three years of hellish lab work I’m about to start writing up my PhD thesis. Switching between Mac and PC, tiny touch pad and roller-ball mouse (yes, they still exist), home and office…it’s going to be a huge challenge. I’ll be trawling the web, creating huge reams of text and tearing my hair out with Photoshop. This gadget is set to make a difference in every possible way. If you don’t give me one I might have to give up food for a while and just buy the damn thing. It looks like the cat’s tits!

  • cedo

    Parce que c’est un peu mon rêve… et ma bamboo fun vient de mourir! Good luck everybody. (sorry for ma french !)

  • mike.

    i need one for my freelance work.

  • Hey guys,

    I’m a design/photo student in my final year of school. I’m working on my senior project and having this will make life so much easier so I can do work from my laptop rather than having to fight for an old shabby one at the library.

    Also, what better way to kick off a design students career?


  • I suppose I am deserving of this prize because I plan to use it to end world hunger…that’s a lie. I will, however, use the prize to create flippin’ awesome graphics for the design community to be inspired by. I think that’s a pretty legit reason.

  • ann

    I deserve the Wacom because I did my part to stimulate the economy by hiring people to build my new office and now I’m short on cash to buy one. ;0)

  • rocha

    I need one cause it will drive the girls here at work crazy….. Won’t it?!

  • Paulo

    I think I deserve because I’m already thinking of buying one for me, but winning would be even better! I’m a Brazilian designer recently graduated and I need a Bamboo Pen to expedite my work!

  • BrianCrowder

    My office is going through serious budget cuts, but clients still demand high-quality design and illustration. I can’t continue to do this with a mouse, and we can’t afford to buy the team Bamboos. I need a solution.

  • Phil

    I deserve this gift because I am a graphic designer and I suck at it! Designing is not my life but it pays the bills. And since I’m a Wacom addict – even though I don’t own one – and still happy with what I’m doing I think the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch would definitely increase working quality and be a sweet optical addition to my wooden desk from the 20th century.
    Nah, I was just kidding. (about the “ancient” desk, I really suck)

  • (b)ananartista (me) deserves it, cause a great artist needs a great tool for work, and you are a very great tool New Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, and i love you so much , i want to touch all days and nights of my life …

  • MaríaYC

    because I really need it for drawing and having fun!

  • I don’t know if I deserve it, I know I want it sooo much! :)

  • I deserve the New Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch because I’ve been working with illustrations and I need a more organic way to work with graphic softwares. It must be really nice working with this beauty on Painter. Seriously, can you imagine Monet working with vectors?

  • I need it to ditch my iPhone to draw…
    I love multitouch devices!!

  • Oh Wow! I would love to use the Bamboo pen and touch! I’m a freehand draftsman and use graphite to produce my work, this would be an awesome transition to the screen. I could draw fun stuff and characters for my kids on screen. Maybe I could master the Bezier curve! And I could teach my kids to use it too! My daughter is in college and would love to try it out. Heck, she might even end using it for one of her classes. My three year old would go wild with it. My wife, who is an artist, would naturally want to try it out. I’m sending a heartfelt, “PICK ME” to you. I envision a scenario like in Willy Wonka, the original with Gene Wilder, where the Bamboo opens up a whole new world for us.

  • Aidan

    I’m a PANDA, and i’m hungry…… grrr!!!

  • DocZagreus

    Why I need a Wacom?
    Probably because I’m starting the first year in an Animation University, in a foreign country, and I worked several years before I could afford the cost of living and study in UK, and now I have not enough money for a tablet. And it could be very useful for my studies. This could be a good opportunity to obtain a Wacom in the cheapest way I can image :D

  • nana kondo

    I deserve it cause it’s the best tool to make it easier to create and inspire.

  • nana kondo

    also, would make my life waaaaay easier!!

  • I really need this, I need it for my freelance work.
    I can’t work with my mouse anymore.
    Thanks a lot.

  • JT

    why pick me? b/c if you do, i draw you a pretty thank you picture :)

  • Sergio

    I need the wacom tablet ’cause the trust tablet isn’t good like this one XD

  • This would be an amazing tool for my freelance graphic design and photography work! A mouse has simply become a curse.

    Please help!

  • I live in South Africa among giant blood thirsty lions, yes lions. I can draw, well sort of and I would love to send you some drawings of my cave dwelling and the 100 bats, 1 bear and 10 rabbits I share it with. Maybe then I can upgrade my cave to the latest 2010 model out at the end of October from Cave’s R Us.

    No, I’m just kidding. I would love one of these guys though, I am pretty sure it will triple my work flow!

    Pretty please…

  • I never saw such a amazing thing! I love to draw, but a have to use paper and a scanner to put my art into computer :( I need this!

  • Last year, a drugged out kid broke into our house and stole our laptops, our ipods and other stuff I liked a lot. The worse part was that he got my 12 inch wacom tablet, but left the pen! So i have a pen sitting there on my desk reminding me of the tablet I cannot afford to replace yet.

  • Shawn Teague

    This will work great with my MacBook Pro!

  • I’ve been digitally inking comic pages with the pen tool in illustrator. I Wacom tablet would be a life saver. Shazam!

  • I started doing my web design in paint back in high school, I’ve since master both the CS suite and GIMP with a mouse. I feel the next step in my design skills would be mastering a tablet and pen to make some truly personal designs.

  • Nate

    Have been wanting one to get into freelance work and stop working for the man.

  • Awesome! I need it because it’s really cool! Please!!

  • natalie hasty

    I need it because I want to make a mark in the Design world with my talents.

  • Ben

    I need this to help with my design and prototyping

  • I would like the Wacom because I want to make my mad skillz even madder!

  • Mike

    I need it coz i’m jobless right now. ;)

  • As a designer that’s broke, I could really use to not buy this great tool!

  • Well, I’m studying graphic desing at the moment and I think that a graphic tablet would be very useful for me, it would be great to win this as it would help me to be more efficient in all my projects.

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity.

  • Elliot Jackson

    I’m a graphic designer and I do most of my design on a trackpad but also love to use my wacom for some projects that include illustration or more precision. Best of both worlds would be hugely beneficial! And I could throw it in my bag for travel!

  • Dustin

    just wanted to give it to my wife, to convert from using a mouse.

  • I REALLY need this!! I am the lead designer in a startup company that we developed our own brand of Vodka that is being released onto shelves in a few months and this would change my design work forever! This would make my job a million times easier and improve my art intensely! Help out Premier Innovations Group!

  • I need it because I’m needy.

  • Fred West

    I deserve this because I am a cancer riddled, wheelchair-bound orphan

  • John D

    It could help me set my own business. Please, I’ve been unemployed for over 3 months

  • I have no money, my wife will not let me get this because we have no money. This will help me make money. My wife and daughter want me to make more money. Please help me in achieving my goals.

  • Albert S

    i need a wacom bamboo tablet!

    why? Because my garden is full of bamboo, but none of them has USB!!! and you can touch them, but you cant draw on them, and they are all green and not black! such a shame!!

  • because right now I am on fire and don’t want to stop creating innovative stuff and getting my self-employment going. but I have to safe money for my wedding which will take place in the near future. what is absolutely great but swallows a lot of money.

  • Danwel Castillo

    Why do I need a wacom tablet? Well as a graphic designer/student it would be essential in providing ease and time for me to perfect my work . this would allow a streamlined workflow and help pump designs out quickly. so yeah. I’ll have one of those wacoms please and good luck to everyone!


    Bamboo Pen and Touch, Please come back ;-(

    Since you went away Ive been hanging around
    Ive been wondering why Im feeling down
    You went away, it should make me feel better
    But I dont know, oh
    How Im gonna get through?
    What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?
    How Im gonna get through?
    What have i, what have i, what have I done to deserve this?

  • I’m a Panda bear who would love to design on a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch…pandas love bambo.

  • I deserve this pen because your site is awesome and I want to be awesome like this site. It will also give me the precision to edit my photos a lot quicker. Thanks guys!

  • Jack

    Because my Mummy says I’m special. =D

  • It’d be absolutely amazing and a great help if I won this, I’m a struggling freelance designer, and this piece of kit would allow me to spread my wings that little bit further and show the world what I can do.

    If I were to win this, it would be one of the best things that could happen to me.

  • Jack

    Because my Mummy says i’m special.

  • I hope to win the tablet as my pet panda (Spot) is getting slightly annoyed at me for touching his bamboo constantly…who knew panda’s could be so touchy!

  • Why do I need one?

    Because these babies aren’t sold here in Brazil! Such a pitty…

  • magoob

    To help me become a pro.

  • As a student in graphic design, I absolutely need this tablet to draw awesome new logo’s :D

  • I deserve this because I am an awesome cat blogger/graphic artist!!(for real) And I am getting tired of using wacom pen! My arm is hurting because I use it so much at work and at home! I need something handsfree! By the way an awesome site. I will come back often!

  • Bernardo

    I need one to make my awesome design even awesomer!

  • Boone Zavik

    The Bamboo Pen & Touch combines everything that i need. I use my handles for quick navigation and edits, but then utilize the pen to draw. It will allow my workflow to be so much better and more natural. If you have a picture in front of you, you use your hands to rotate it, then an exacto knife to crop out what you want. I would truly appreciate this gift.

  • I’m not better than anyone here but I think I deserve it because I’ve been studying since January to join Design University here in my country (Brazil) and it’s been so boring to put me out of this world just to study a lot and I feel like no one is supporting me lol

  • This would make a bangin early christmas present. Winning this would make finishing my drawings digitally so much easier, and i’ve only sampled other peoples tablets – have never been able to upgrade & get one of my own. I’ve never won anything remotely this cool and i would have to spend lots of time telling people how incredibly awesome the people at inspired magazine are.

  • I deserve this product because I am a aspiring Art Director and Graphic Designer, and have yet to discover the amazing world of using a tablet! I would love for the Bamboo Touch to be my first one. Please help me to take my design’s to a whole new level. Thanks!

  • Alessandra Tomaz

    Because I’m a Graphic Designer wanna be. I’m an artist in a learning process, looking for ways to improve my skills. I’d like to be able to create images to show a more colorful, joyful and happier world. Therefore I’d be very honored to say: “My first tablet was a gift from Inspired Magazine & Fire Host”!

  • Hans Segere

    If I get this awesome Wacom Bamboo touch & pen tablet I finally found the perfect answer to MC Hammer;


    ( )

  • Dan

    I deserve the bamboo pen and touch because like every piece of technology I get my hands on, I will utilize it to its fullest potential and integrate it into my daily work regime to maximize my proficiency and in that regards minimize the amount of time spent on each project to maximize efficiency in my ability to contribute effectively back to the design community, and will not stop using it until it spontaneously combusts and blinds me… among most of the other obvious reasons.

  • samuel

    Why? because its the best!!! I just love bamboo!

  • Ibarra Padolina

    i deserve it if it is really for me. it’s the same for every thing that we want. goodluck to all of us.

  • I deserve this awesome product, because I ordered the previous version of this tablet like 2 weeks ago and was screwed over and after “they” (company not being mentioned) took my money said it is “no long available, and that they just found out this version of the product was discontinued”…so i’m not pissed at wacom or anything just at this other company but would love to get this new tablet because I was about to order the new one anyway (from a different company for sure)…wacom rules..and after all the crap i went through would love to get this one!

  • Christophe

    I have anything else to say than: Wacom…what else?;)

  • Dan Sullivan

    I need one because the company that I work for is giving me the runaround, insisting that getting me one would not increase my productivity or benefit them in any way. I want a nice ‘IN YOUR FACE!’ moment when I can prove to them that it actually does. Also, it would be pretty sweet to utilize when my workload is non-existent, and I could fine tune my personal projects.

  • I have always wanted a tablet to use for my every-day designing. Whether it be fore illustration, or sketching things for websites, posters, etc. Hearing so many people rave about how great Wacom is, I get jealous whenever it is mentioned. Having one would make being a Graphic Designer/Web Designer easier.

  • Brianna Sullivan
  • Andrew Abraham

    Because I’m a poor recent college grad and need all the help I can get trying to crack into the design/advertising industry! Help me, please!


  • Matthew Hughes

    My 17-year old niece is graduating from high school soon and she’ll be attending a Visual Arts school in NYC. She is hoping to enter the world of comic book illustration and animation.
    I’m not exactly rolling in dough thanks to a slumping economy and this would make me the best uncle on Earth if I could give her this as a gift to help complete her admissions illustrations and projects.

  • Felina Ong

    I love it because I’m Chinese and Chinese love Bamboo.. we go together! just like noodles with soup!

  • I’d like to use the touch/pen for graphic design. I’d also like to experiment with writing some multitouch software for OSX.

  • SweepsSpot

    I deserve one because I work hard and this would help make things easier.

  • VickieB

    Why do I deserve it?

    Although I use a mouse right handed, much better than I would be able to do left handed, I can’t draw with a mouse.

    This lefty would love to be able to learn to draw.

  • Because I feel that if I don’t start using one soon, I’m going to be that weird guy that still uses a mouse. And my kids (that aren’t born yet because I’m 22 years old) will say, “You’re totally out of touch dad.” I can see it now. Save me.

  • I think i deserve the tablet because my old Genius is not being able to work anymore.
    Can’t continue doing my logos, my illustrations and so my brand will stop without it :(

  • Simply because I was born to draw…

  • Why do I deserve it? I don’t… lets be honest. I use a bamboo now and I would like to check out the new one. Did I say check out? I meant own. I love the one I have but as we grow as designers we out grow some of the technology we use, and I would love to upgrade. I don’t win these things but I thought what the heck. I don’t tweet, how about word of mouth. You do know that part of advertising is not dead.

  • I deserve this tablet because i could always use new tools for my craft, and having a tablet would be an awful lot better than maneuvering a mouse and trackpad! what more to combine the two with a tablet!

  • this would be an awesome tool to streamline the process of editing photos, and create a more natural feel of painting and retouching while manipulating digitally. the best benefits of this new tablet would be the precision you have with the use of a pen and the pressure sensitivity of a brush.

    lillian patz
    visible echo photography

  • After researching over 7 months for a tablet – I’m still unable to commit and have no idea which to purchase. Would be nice to win the bamboo tablet and become dexterous again!

    Thanks for the opportunity folks- congrats to whoever wins!

  • Ron Limense

    Please… Let me have it! I really need this! Thanks!

  • Jason

    I deserve the Bamboo tablet thingy because the name matches with the ecologically sustainable bamboo flooring in my kitchen.

  • Jeff B

    Always looking for ways to streamline the interface with my Mac. This is the future!

  • I’m a second year design student with a new freelance biz. A table would make an amazing addition to my workspace. Maybe no more sketch and scan work!

  • I’ve been using the same Wacom Graphire for like 8 years and the pressure tip doesn’t work anymore, unfortunately. Since I am a serious amateur digital artist, I would love to upgrade… ^_^

  • Ismaly

    I’m a graphics Arts student looking for one of these bad boys to maximize my productivity in class. I’m broke, no money and having some wrist pain now and then. I need to let my inspiration flow ~

  • Christian Lopez

    I deserve because I have a little kid insde who loves to touch things! and no money to make him happy!

  • I graduate in 9 days (Oct. 10th), my b-day is at the end of the month (Oct. 29th). This would make a great month greater and start me out in the right direction toward my career in the design world.

  • Because I am poor yet ambitious illustrator just getting started and I am also a vocal fan and will be sure to not only use this regularly but talk about it and you just as much. Thanks. Great stuff. I am following you now too. @mediapeople on twitter. :)

  • I would like to win this new Wacom Bamboo pen and touch because the one im using right now (graphire 4) is near broken. Winning this Wacom will help me continue my art. Im pretty sure it will help me grow as an artist and further improve the quality of my work.

  • Rich Andrews

    M ay I start by saying I dont deserve it
    E very one here sounds like they really need one

    P aulos comment was hilarious
    L et alone Ronie’s above
    E ven though It would be amazing to have a wacom,
    A nd it looks like something I know I’d love
    S omething tells me you should give it to these guys
    E veryone, good luck

  • because i never get anything from this giveaways, and now it’s the right time! beside that i would love to have one to make my life easier in photoshop

  • Mark Gilson

    As a frustrated artist who works in both conventional and digital media, any kind of device that helps me bridge the gap between the two is a huge asset. I need to force myself to learn to draw digitally with a pen instead of a mouse, and the touch input would literally help my digital art become more “hands on”. This input device would help serve as a much needed kick in the pants to focus more on creating my own artwork, both the pen and paper and pixel pushing kind.

  • Dan

    I need more physical satisfaction from my computer.

  • Why do I need it? How else could I use all those sexy painting features in Photoshop CS4?

  • Jared Penner

    I am Starting out on my own and am trying to climb the ladder around here. I would love a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch that would be amazing and help me a lot.

  • I’d still love that tablet =P.

  • Ron

    I deserve to win the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch because I’m trying learn to do more in Photoshop and don’t have a tablet – this would help me a whole lot (plus I’m unemployed right now, so I can’t go out and buy one!). Thanks.

  • Why do I need one? Because when you’re working away from home, having a tablet that’s bigger than your laptop just doesn’t fly!

  • Because I NEED it.

  • There is a hole in my designer soul that this wonderful piece of designy gooodness would fill. Plus, it would bring the planets into perfect alignment and all would be right in the universe; again.


  • why I deserve the ultimate tool ?

    Because, I am good in programming and I am learning designing and this tool will be very helpful to improve my skills :)

  • I’d love the opportunity to break free from my mouse in UX and design work.

    Retweeted here:

  • wow! fantastic giveaway! Thanks for organizing it. Followed and tweeted. I’d love to win this because I have been exploring the world of vector character development and this would be so so handy :)

  • Because I love my Wacom Intuos but mine is too big to be portable (and hard to balance with my laptop on the go!). This would let me illustrate and work in Photoshop and Poser wherever I choose to go—even at my mother-in-law’s house!! Plus, it’s pretty, shiny and cute! :)

    Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  • Great giveaway! I believe I deserve to win the prize because it’s been years I am doing graphic design and still I haven’t use this digital pen technology. I know it’s weird but it’s true, i love vector drawing but over the years i am using scans of my drawing sketches. I believe it would make my life easier with Bamboo. Digital artists deserve to have this.

  • I’m gonna be plain honest and just say that I really really want to win this Wacom tablet. I’ve never had the luck of actually winning a contest like this, so my chances are probably slim. I still would like to win though.

  • Jessica P.

    I make a lot of illustrations on the computer and having one would make it so much easier. :)
    I followed and tweeted about it

  • My current Wacom tablet is outdated, and I would GREATLY benefit from a brand new one, especially one as cool as this new Bamboo Pen & Touch! Not to mention the fact that my nickname is Panda…

    Help a brotha out!

  • Because feel like touching this bamboo~


  • I deserve this awesome prize because wacom and inspired mag are epicly awesome!

  • OK, great giveaway! My daughter is awesome at art, but thinks she is just a bad at drawing. It would be really nice to surprise her with this as a prize. I would be able to encourage her to explore her talent on the computer too. Maybe she could email in her computer art done with the Wacom.

  • I need it to bring a bit of beauty to thie harsh and wounded world we’re living in.

    Peace through design for the win! ;D


  • Brian

    Hey I’ve always wanted to get a start in graphic design and comic design and but in the past I have been severely limited to borrowing the pen pad that my friend owns. I’ve now moved back home and I’m more in need now than ever for the tools to work on that goal.

  • I’m a web designer at a high school, and I would totally get to show my kids how awesome the Bamboo tablets are.

  • Ionut

    Because there is no other way of expressing what you feel inside in a simple, clear and innovative manner.

    Stay hungry and be creative!

  • Christian Daugstrup

    I just got into digital painting. I love it and i would love to have one of these to keep working!

  • Trying to find a replacement for my old Wacom tablet.

  • I deserve this because i would def be appreciated that i got it! plus im a designer ive been put out of a job now going to school this would def help me out in my class. It’s really hard now since I got laid off and can’t really afford much and if i do have money it goes to my little sister shes in middle school and have to support her :) thanks for having this awesome giveaway
    followed you both @ich3ryl22 and Rted !

    Thanks again!

  • Jennifer P

    I deserve this due to I am going back to college to learn all of the computer arts and this is an item I need to complete my courses. Yes I’m one of the out of work hit by the economy older peeps, and I want to make a better life for my sons and I. This would help with that.
    tweeted @jjpdream

  • Hey!

    I’m a late blooming designer and recent mac convert. The multi-touch relationship to the macbook is just the ticket for me to improve my work.

  • My mouse just isn’t doing it for me!

  • Kal

    It’ll go well with my rollermouse and a touch sensitive Wacom will bring big benefits in my Maya studies!

  • Idiocracy

    I could really use it for modelling for the game I’m making.

  • Why I deserve it?! Just because it’s THE ULTIMATE TOOL for designers & Multi – Touch enthusiasts, obviously!
    And well… begining freelancers don’t have much money… :( as you guys must know…
    I’m going to win the Bamboo Pen & Touch for sure if you guys could just see the price of it in my country: Brazil! Yep… it’s sad! But you are going to make me happy! :)

  • My daughter is a college student working in graphics arts, and my son is planning for possible architectural study in college. Either one could make good use of this!

  • heartEheart

    It would help expand my design capabilities.

  • I guess I need one, because I don’t have one!

  • Thank you so much for the graphics tablet!!! I’m so happy.

    My gmail account got hacked today so I thought it was a joke!

    Definitely brightened up my year!

  • I’m getting some serious RSI from using my mouse and could really do with some multi-touch action!

  • i like the win this best wacon.

  • Romy

    I want to win because I was begging my parents to buy one but, they said it was too expensive and they need to save up money for the summer. I’m only a 11 year old girl, wanting to become a famous artist and singer. But, my work with a mouse was horrible, and I receive more compliments when I draw on paper, unfortunately I don’t have a scanner, nor a camera. So, thats why I want to win. My parents are really poor and when I become famous, I’ll have loads of money to help my parents. <3

  • I really want one I am saving up for one but I am still working on it. So far I got six dollars!

    Can you go to my website and donate maybe?
    Or you can just click the ad.

  • useful information, thanks this post

  • Eldjotnar

    It would really make my day to win this for many reasons. Firstly, I’m a video game designer, currently working with some Flash games. The tablet would be a help, just drawing stuff. Secondly, when I work as a graphic designer, this would make my life much easier, while doing various projects.

  • Johnathan

    I am new to graphics design but I have used my grandmas Wacom pen tablet but it does not have touch capabilities. and I have used an iPad and I would like to have something that combines the two into one awesome experience. This would be a chance to be useful i’m not a good artist but i am good at figuring things out and it would be cool to try your product hopefully in the future I might be good at it. well its a dream right now but I hope I can buy or receive one as a gift. I want my computer to be the best it can be.

  • Serenity

    I really need this tablet for my artwork.

    I’m eighteen years old, and I’m trying to get my artwork out there for buying- so I can save up my money and get myself to college.
    I’m currently trying to get into the art school in Seattle.
    I’ll be the first person in my family to get to college, and if I could do this, it would really help my mom out. She can’t work, she’s disabled, and she currently pays for me.
    I need to get out and be on my own, and with this tablet it would start me towards a great future.

  • Dan Ohlman

    Why I need a Wacom tablet?
    1. Invest in the Future. Being unemployed is less than perfect- But on the bright side I am retooling and loving spending time with my two wonderful tween girls. I am cultivating their love of drawing, design and computers by training them on Illustrator, and other programs. They would love to graduate to a tablet over a mouse. We call our girls the “Google Gals” because they are tops in their classes.
    2. Freelancing and Helping others in this economy. Money is tight everywhere and I am doing what I can to help others stay afloat by reducing fees and doing fantastic work… at times for nothing. A gift of a tablet will benefit my kids and the clients that I am servicing and help the GREAT USA and the people that make it great.