Freebie Friday: Win Web Designer’s Bundle – $259 Value of Premium Resources

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Our friends from Vandelay Premier launched one of the coolest bundles of 2011: The Web Designer’s Bundle is a collection of their premium resources that are extremely useful for your own web design work. The bundle includes 59 sets of resources like icons, vectors, Photoshop brushes, patterns, buttons, PSD files and other design elements. It’s only $29 (real value $259) but three of our lucky readers will get it for free! Scroll down to see the rules.

What is Web Designer’s Bundle

The total cost of these resources if purchased individually would be $259, but for the next 10 days they can be purchased for just $29! The resources in the bundle come with our standard license, which allows for use on commercial projects and even in items like templates and themes that will be distributed. The bundle can be purchased by clicking on the “add to cart” button on their site. (Please note: due to the number of resources included, the download file is very large, 400+ MB.)

Here’s a Taste

The bundle includes 59 premium resources and packs (see the full list here). Check out a few of them to get a taste:

Minimal Web Icons – Volume I

Web Designer's Bundle

Minimal Web Icons – Volume II

Web Designer's Bundle

Paper Patterns

Web Designer's Bundle

Stripes Patterns

Web Designer's Bundle


E-Commerce Icons


Web Designer's Bundle


Tools Icons

Web Designer's Bundle

Notification PSDs

Web Designer's Bundle

E-Commerce Button and UI Set

Web Designer's Bundle

How to win

Simply leave a comment and let us know what will you use the graphic elements for. Act fast: we’ll pick three winners and list them here on Monday!!

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  • For my clients projects.

  • Dawn

    Will use them in a web app mockup I’m working on.

  • Christian Pfeiffer

    Nice stuff, could be very useful :)

  • chris

    for some facebook apps i am working on (trying to figure out).

  • Catherine

    Looks neat!

  • farid

    Will use it on all my current projects

  • Tadd Mencer

    I’d use them in designs – I do a lot of web and mobile designs and these would help a ton!

    I love contests! Some day I may win one! YAY!

  • Alex

    I will use them to fill up space on my drop box account – and probably a design or two

  • Mitko

    I’d use them for the current website I’m working on – finding good quality icons is a pain :-( But I’ll also use them to improve my own design skills!

  • I would use it for my client projects and also for my own designs for mobile web, and gaming

  • I do mostly non-profit work (which means $0 budget!), and I’m actually working on three different sites right now, so this would come in really handy!

  • James Perih

    I’m a web designer and developer specializing in charity/non-profits. Since I would get these for free if I win, I would pass the savings down to my clients.

    My clients’ business is social change and community awareness. They deserve excellence, so they come to me. I can charge less if I have resources pre-made for them. They can continue their mission, with more capital in their pocket.

  • Curtis Honeycutt

    I will use these resources for graphic design at my church.

  • Definitely in any future web design projects as the nature of the pack points at that direction.
    I would appreciate a pack like this,especially the stripes patterns are totally funky

  • Michael Ralph

    For my portfolio that I’m working on. Thanks!

  • Anran

    These are beautiful. They could even be an eye candy when I’m not doing any design.

  • Terrie Brookins

    I’d use them for new clients who are indie artists

  • nice stuff to streamline the time for web design

  • TL

    I would use some of the resources for web apps I am building.

  • Katlyn Daniluk

    I’ll probably use them in an upcoming project for a photo sharing website.

  • Oh wow. I would totally use this for all my new projects and personal site. This is a GREAT giveaway

  • T.J.

    Great toolbox! I would use them for a new portfolio site I am developing along with a maps project I’m working on. Keep up the great work!!

  • Carlos

    Are you kidding? Any designer will kill for that design bundle; holy mackerel, they are fantastic! :D As most designers do, I maintain an archive of resources and this bundle would be a great addition to the lot. I especially love the paper patterns in the preview; the detail in that resource is really awesome. Count me in! :)

  • That great :-)