Freebie Friday – Studio Culture – The Secret Life of 26 Graphic Design Studios

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That’s right – inspiration comes not only from the online world, but from the print realm as well. And some could event argue that an entire day of browsing is not as inspirational as a good quick read. So we found the best gift for y’all Inspired readers – printed eye candy and amazing interviews with some of the most creative people in the world – the Studio Culture book!

The Book – Studio Culture


Studio Culture provides a unique glimpse into the inner workings of 28 leading graphic design studios. In a series of penetrating interviews, the mechanics of building and maintaining a vibrant studio culture are laid bare with disarming frankness. Studio Culture is a book for both seasoned professionals who have been running studios for years, and for idealistic designers contemplating starting up. It is the complete guide to creating, maintaining and growing a studio culture.

The Publisher – Unit Editions


Unit Editions is a a collaboration between Tony Brook (Spin) and Adrian Shaughnessy (ShaughnessyWorks). A new, progressive publishing company dedicated to producing high-quality, affordable books about graphic design and the visual arts. As well as superlative visual content, Unit books will have insightful texts, and offer the highest standards of design and production.

The Online Project – Your Studio


This is an invitation to designers and image-makers to take part in a unique experiment. Submit a picture of your studio and help us build a pictorial archive of design studios from around the world. Browse the archive and submit your pictures by email.

The Giveaway


Enter to win the Studio Culture book

  • tell us in the comments why you deserve one of the most superb book releases of the year
  • tweet this message: Get the awesome Studio Culture book from @InspiredMag RT to enter the giveaway!

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The Winner

  • Jean ClaudeI just need this book for my advertising / design collection on my shelf. Studio Culture looks like an amazing work of art itself and I would give a beer to all my colleagues if I win! Congrats Jean Claude and thanks everybody for joining the competition! As usual, we already have a new one :-]

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • I deserved that book, i am on the process of enhancing my skills so give me those books :)

  • I really want it to. Maybe I’ll be lucky :)

  • I like this book and would like to win it, which is as good as deserving it :-) I’m also the second to enter, lucky number 2.

  • I’m going to start my own web design studio, and now I need to read some books like this…

  • I need this book to fill my head full of wonderful ideas.

  • I loved Adrians ‘How to be a graphic designer’ book.
    Literally has become the manifesto for our new studio… and to think there’s even more of his thoughts available. sign me up!

  • cp:fusion

    Seems like the book would help with inspiration so I would love to win a copy!

  • Steve Robillard

    I need this book to let me see how the other half lives. I work alone except for the dog basement office.

  • Nic

    I neeeed this book cos I’m so neeeedy this morning !

  • I need this book because it would temporarily satiate my addiction for design books if only for a short while.

  • My precious! …. …. My precious!!!

  • I believe print will never die. Even though viewing awesome things online it still can not beat holding a high quality designed and printed book. I would love to have Studio Culture book in my collection. This book looks like valuable content, good layout and photographs. Consider it tweeted!

  • ana

    because i can see into the future

  • Nix

    Here is why I’d like this book:

    I am in the process of finishing school, and start up my own studio. This would be tough enough, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m also a little low on cash – investments like this, although very valuable, are on low priority right now, as things like a new computer, rent and food are ultimately more important right now. This book would keep me inspired, and would help me kickstart my career. :)

  • Pete

    I’m learning for graphic designer on the Royal Academy of Arts (KASK-Belgium) and it’s my dream to start my own graphic design studio after i finished the Art school.
    I don’t really know how to start a succesful studio so this book would really help me a lot.

    (sorry for the bad english)

  • Because I need all the time sources of inspiration and I love the books.

  • I really wan it beacuse it’s going to come in handy now that I’m starting my new studio.

  • I have a web design studio, and ready to get more work for graphic designing now. So i need this book eagerly to have more knowledge of graphics. May be I’ll be lucky.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  • Aonghas

    As nice as viewing design on the web is, it just doesn’t compare to having a beautiful printed compendium of good work that I can take with me wherever I go. I love studying & thinking about design away from the computer from time to time, & my eyes appreciate the relative lack of strain. I deserve a copy as I’ll make great use of the inspiration I draw from it, and because I’ll definitely spread word about it to other designers and friends who appreciate a well put-together print artifact. Thank you for this offer!

  • Iliya

    I will take care of the book.
    I am not a smug.
    I hope i will get it,
    so good luck.

    and I will share it too….

  • Jean Claude

    I just need this book for my advertising / design collection on my shelf. Studio Culture looks like an amazing work of art itself and I would give a beer to all my colleagues if I win!


  • The book is all mine. I deserve it. !!!

  • Saneef

    I love to have that book! :D


  • Because I Love good , inspiring and creative books :)

  • Good design motivates!

  • snugglebunny

    I’m planning to open my own studio and this would a great first book for our library. That way my future employees can flip through it whenever they need some inspiration.

  • Austin

    After working the last 4 years in finance, I decided to do a complete 180 step out on my own and turn my longtime hobby of graphic design into a full fledged business. All my coworkers think I’m insane to ‘leave a stable job in this economy,’ but I can’t put it off any longer.

    My last day at the job is this upcoming Friday, and to be honest, I’m looking for any type of sign to let me know this was meant to be.

    Thanks for consideration!

  • I really want it to. Enjoy

  • I deserve it because I’m one of the most superb designer wannabes of the year! :)

    Thanks for the chance!
    Laura – @twittingme

  • CF

    I love to have that book because I don’t have much printed visual inspiration around, and you said that we need some of it :D

  • Pete

    I just saw the person who commented just before me (Pete october 17th) has just the same reason as me.
    I did not know that, we just share the smae dream i guess.

    Good luck everyone.

  • I would add this book to my half empty librairy, need more books ! I love to read.

  • Being at University for Graphic Design, money is tight, but the lust for new inspiring design resources never is! I feel most passionate about graphic design in its tactile, printed form. The power of perfectly kerned letterforms in print is second to none. So, being a student designer with a passion for printed material, I feel I deserve to win this fantastic piece of work. Knowing more about the studio environment and all the dynamics involved will help me to be more prepared when I graduate.

    Thanks for putting on this contest, and good luck to everyone!

  • Pease can i have this book! It looks soooo awesome! I really love books, and have my own (small collection of books) library at my home studio. It would be the sweetest addition to my most favourite of things, REAL books! I live in sunny South Africa, best regards all the way from Cape Town. (Where books arent cheap!!)

  • *sorry, thats “Please”…:)

  • cbi

    I would like to win this book as I am currentley stuck in a retail job which I hate and am needing some ‘eureeka’ kind of inspiration at the moment, this book may help me where to start, and this giveaway seems like a step in the right direction! Thanks…

  • Please send me this book!! im a struggling freelancer! an it would be a great boost to see how other businesses run, set up and go about their work! it may help put food on the table!

    That and i’m open to sexual favours if it comes down to it lol!

  • Kimmy

    As a Social Worker I teach a young foster boy who is obsessed with graphic design. He spends hours both on the computer and drafting creative logos. Unfortunately budget cuts will not allow us to provide much for his upcoming birthday, but this gift would mean the absolute world to him.

  • onesugarplease

    Pretty please with a cherry on top

  • onesugarplease

    If not for any reason apart from that I am extremely polite and am a year into running my ethical design studio

  • I deserve this book because I’ve read every other graphic design book in space & time, and I’m really itching for another.

  • wes

    I believe in standing on the shoulders of giants. Studios have come and gone and it’s great to read about the things that worked and the things that didn’t. They already made the flippin mistakes!

  • I really really need this book cauz right now my head is a bit empty in inspiration. I’m starting my little studio and need something to crank me up…

    Thank You

  • Because I have not been so lucky in the last 2 giveaways! :(

  • thomas toll

    Because I have an idea about that, having a book is a way to get inspired, and it opens your eyes to things you did’nt think was possible, and is a look into a world you might not even had thought about.

    I like books, and I rather by a book or a magazine, than read it all online, because they have this real, and tactile feel to it, and if you have in a book or magazine it will always be there forever, and not just disappear!

    And thats why I think you should, if not give me the book, than maybe just think about how important it is too have the possability read one.

  • It is perfect to improve my skills. Brilliant!

  • Arty

    “tell us in the comments why you deserve one of the most superb book releases of the year”

    Do you want me to lie.. or just want to hear the truth.. I mean the r e a l truth? :)

    1. Well, the truth is that I really want this book because it looks like we are going to rent a place for office and without a doubt having this book in hand we would do things differently.

    2. All of us (4 ppl) would be inspired by this book and say

    “T H A N K Y O U ! !”

    and later…

    “…WoooooooW look at that!! Our new office are gonna be like that!”



  • swastie

    In South Africa we right in the South, so need to be inspired. This can be achieved if I could handle this book and bring out the best designs. Support me, PLease .

  • Perfect book for me as a multimedia teacher. Best thing to give for my students in classroom.

  • Gorilla Grafiks

    I am a young graphic designer, bright eyed and bushy tailed and looking to go freelance and perhaps develop into starting my own studio. No pressure, but I think this book would be integral to my career and success! Not to be melodramatic but my life is in your hands…

  • kat

    i need this book, because i need this book!

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  • Thanks for the information! It’s true, there is something really cool about being able to hold a book while reading and having awesome graphic design as part of the text makes it even better.

  • I would like to receive this book.

    It is a really great to see other design studios styles.

    Our Design studio has a very wide range of design influences.

  • These are great resources for graphic design. I own Vision Studios a full service web design and application studio in Harrisonburg Virginia. The stuff you have here is really great. We use resources like this all the time to look for inspiration in graphic design and all the art stuff we do. Keep up the great work!