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IconDemon is a high quality web icons provider notable for its huge icons collection and convenient navigation. They create stunningly cute icons suitable for any website. And today they are eager to share 5300+ brilliant icons from their collection with you, guys! We are launching the giveaway contest enabling you to get 1 of 4 IconDemon Membership packages valid for 1 year: 2 limited packs and 2 unlimited packs. You will find the details about the packages and conditions to win below.

The giveaway starts on February, 28 and lasts until March, 7. You can get the free package with no effort: just leave a comment and win!

What is IconDemon? offers a great gallery of beautiful web icons for download. All of 5300+ icons from its collection are unique, designed exclusively for different icon sets. The sets are reasonably sorted out which makes it easy to find the icons of the definite style or topic. They have their own team of designers and illustrators to create professional icons.

Their website offers 12 various icon styles like glass icons, 2d and 3d icons, simple and realistic icons etc. Besides, there are 21 topical categories including computer icons, media icons, system icons, sports icons, vintage icons etc.

The icons are provided with the following sizes: 128×128 pixels, 100×100 pixels, 80×80 pixels and 64×64 pixels. The format to download is .png.

IconDemon has 2 types of membership packages which are unlimited package and limited one. Both packages mean annual access to the whole collection of icons but the prices and the number of downloads are different:

• limited package allows to download up to 500 web icons (worth $19);

• unlimited package enables to access and download the whole collection of 5300+ icons (worth $99).

The low-end prices and brilliant icons make the project outstanding among a variety of other web icons providers.

How to become 1 of 4 Winners

Taking part in this contest is easy: all you have to do is leave a comment beneath the article describing why you need web icons or what kind of icons you are dreaming about. You may describe the way you are going to apply stock icons from IconDemon collection to your projects.

4 winners will be selected randomly, to give all of you equal rights. 2 commentators will win unlimited packages and 2 other guys will enjoy the limited ones.

The giveaway is going to last till March, 7. Feel free to comment and win the prizes to spice up your websites or applications!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Wow would love to win one of the packages!

  • That’s some awesome giveaway :D
    I wanna participate, I’ll be using the icons (if I won :p
    ) to add style to my web designs and to make them elegant and modern, that’s it :)

  • WPThemeInfo

    cool stuff. Thanks for bringing it to nice giveaway.

  • Edjuh

    Would be nice to have even more icons. I already collected about 40.000 icons (kind of hobby), so I would love to win these too…

  • Very nice! I’m here!

  • James McKay

    Excellent. Always interested in new icons, either to be inspired by or to put into use.

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  • Taigi

    Have a local Intranet, multiple conferences. Would love to provide a visual representation of what the conferences are about with the new icons.

  • Yvaine

    I’d for sure want to win this icons! As a web designer they can push my designs to higher level. I love vintage icons – they will perfectly suit project I’m working on. They’re perfect!:D


  • Carrie

    Your icons are droolworthy <3333 that's why I would love to win :D

  • Piotr Pucyk

    Amazing stuff! As always – only premium content!

  • I want them ’cause I need them!

  • Nice icons! I would love to use them for some of the sites I am building.

  • Walt Bennett

    I would use the icons if I won to take my freelance web development to a whole new level. If a project isn’t too corporate professional then I like to incorporate new, creative, self explanatory, 3d icons in most of my designs.

  • Saffron S.

    Awesome giveaway and beautiful icons!
    I have a couple of projects I’m helping friends with, including a e-magazine, that would really benefit from some snazzy icons.

  • Lenora

    Amazing Icons! I would use them for everything!

  • Rob

    Would love to use some of these on some of my current projects. Much love to u guys and great work!!

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    would love to win these, would allow to create some interesting user experiences via CSS3

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    Would love to use some of these icons on two upcoming website designs – redesign of my own website as well as a design for a design community!

  • I wanna win! I wanna win!

  • I am always looking for good resources of icons as website designer, especially ones I can learn from and improve my design.

  • Love to enhance my web site with these professional icons and send a link back from PR5 legit site (see below).

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    Need !

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    Having some professional icons on my projects will for sure add value to my works!

    Hope i win!!

    Best Regards

  • Good luck to all ;)

  • “why you need web icons or what kind of icons you are dreaming about”

    I will be using them in my projects and am dreaming about some fancy ones (maybe some of them can also be 3D ? :) )

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  • Aaron Richardson

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