Filmspiration: The Making of Avatar – Behind the Scenes Video

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We start our filmspiration series with something very special: the official Behind the Scenes feature of the most anticipated movie of the last few years. Saying that Avatar is groundbreaking is completely irrelevant. What we really need to do is to watch this 25 minutes making of and get insights directly from the director, the main actors, production manager, animation supervisor, character designers, construction engineers and art director. Enjoy!

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  • Simon.


  • Thanks for posting. I loved this movie, saw it 4 times already. :P

  • Went to see this movie yesterday in 3D and it was incredible. It’s nearly three hours long and I didn’t get bored once. I’m not sure whether it was the storyline or the visuals, more likely a combination of both but this is a must-see film.

    Really cinematic, so don’t bother with any of this dvd/blu-ray nonsense.

  • @Luke totally agree :D

  • The most interesting part of all that to me, is the motion capture of the face. Putting a wide angle that close to catch the nuances is a step farther than I thought it would go.

  • Awesome movie Avatar, not sure why some people hate it.

  • Very interesting footage. Such an amazing movie.

    I made this page one of my three links for the day on my daily design blog Design Thought for the Day:

    All the best, Ted

  • Dennis Sedov

    If anyone is interested, I have done a 45 minute on making of Avatar. It has some really cool footage and some new information. Hope it is OK to post links here

  • Going to see it this weekend. Hurray!

  • Saw the movie and as much as I loved it, the behind the scenes footage is awesome! Thanks for posting it…

  • I think I’m the only idiot who hasn’t seen it yet, I’ve been so busy of late, I definitely need to find a theater to see it because it wouldn’t be right on a TV, specially since I can’t afford those new 3D TVs yet!