CSS Awards – 20 Kick Ass Portfolio Websites to Inspire You

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CSS Awards is a web designer/agency/studio inspiration gallery, where a high quality of CSS websites placed from around the world. Follow us on twitter @cssawards
  • Thanks for featuring!

  • Dan edwards

    Thanks for featuring me guys, great collection!

  • What an ispiring collection! got some of this showcased on our site!

  • Great Collection.

  • Thanks for featuring

  • Thanks for featuring me guys, great collection!

  • adam

    Some of these are portfolio sites? Why not just say “websites” ?

  • great collection thanks

  • John

    Very beautiful websites. I see that you are sharing CSS websites just for inspiring, but where could I find some nice free CSS templates like the above one?

  • Karl

    Hi John,

    You can find a lot of resources online. I have just finished writing a review for a new portal, where people can share assets for free. They had a section dedicated only to HTML/CSS templates – maybe you can find something useful there – I found the site to be quite rich in files you can search. http://www.creattor.com

  • These are all really well thought out and visually appealing. It is really nice to see some good web design layouts.