Creative and Elegant Business Cards From February

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As we come to the end of February, it would seem like a nice idea showcase some of the lovely business card designs that have been lovingly created!

Lucky Boy

Claudia Brown

Company Folders




Megan Lavelle

The Odin


Kyle Vanhorn

We Are Foil

Steve Bargas

Jason Permenter Design

Alex Griendling


David is a web developer living in the often sunny UK, based in Tunbridge Wells. He blogs about creative design and development at Cookie Labs

  • Really nice.

  • Beautiful and inspiring cards, undoubtedly. Though I wonder: who is still using business cards?

    About eight months ago I got a pack of 250 cards and have probably given out ten of them in total. It’s just so easy to Google somebody’s name these days, business cards seem so 1999.

    Or is it just me?

  • I’d get worried with the tiny business cards, wouldn’t they be easy for a client to lose?

  • Hmm. Interesting.

  • I really enjoy the curvilinear shapes on Claudia Brown’s business card. Reminds me of what I tend to draw when I’m sketch-meditating.

  • I’m a big fan of making your own business cards, and did a blog post about it:

    My own cards:

    They’re more fun to give out and people find them a lot more interesting than most typical cards.

  • the Maple is really fine.

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  • Mariana

    Great. Just lookin for inspiration and this is what is was lookin’ for! thanx.

  • Very good collection, as someone said above, business cards are not used the way they used to, but it is still a tool you should use when attending any events etc.

    Its amazing how a nice well designed business card can have a positive effect on someone.

  • Nice one, not usually a fan of lists but this is great. Couple I’ve seen before but I really like the Matador one – thinking of doing this to ours now…

  • Excellent ones on the board.. really nice and creative,,

  • hey, i am thoroughly impressed with the collection here! i also do postcard and business designing at and this was real inspiration

  • Rawkes is quite tasty. Great selection.

  • Whoa the Jason Permenter Business card is tiny. Unique but the recipients have a higher tendency of losing such a small piece of paper.