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Decisions are tough. Especially when it comes to the look and feel of your website. Luckily WordPress makes it super easy to swap in new themes and give your site a facelift. What’s more, if you grab hold of a great Mighty Deal like this one, you’ll have full access to over 29 Premium WordPress Themes […]


This deal has been extended due to it’s incredibly popular demand. We’ve received amazing feedback for the Ultimatum WordPress Theme Builder deal and their team has been hard at work to produce the newly released version 2.3.11, which incorporates a ton of new and much wanted features. Ultimatum’s robust drag-and-drop template builder works with WordPress to […]


This is what I call an amazing week! Not only there were tons of new app releases and the device that transforms the iPad into a telepresence robot entered the production phase, but we actually had the chance to pick 8 totally amazing deals aimed at designers and developers. Check them out, they will only […]


Creating beautiful and highly functional websites has never been easier than it is in the age of WordPress, the world’s most popular blog, portfolio and website management system. With all technical aspects of developing and designing a website handled by WordPress itself along with the seemingly endless themes, plugins and widgets available to handle any […]


WordPress is a highly sophisticated and versatile content management system. Though the base system itself is powerful, it’s meant to work with various tools and plugins to expand its functionality and enhance its appearance. Power users can save time and gain additional traffic with these add-ons. WordPress Administration 1. User Switching allows administrators to rapidly switch from […]


This is a guest post by Anna Green – a Web Designer at Media Heroes – an Australian Web Design and SEO company based in Brisbane. Follow us on twitter and facebook. A review of the WordPress Jigo shop plug-in About 6 months ago we were contracted by a client to deliver a competent, easy […]