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Constructing a business plan for a design company is no easy task, and a strategy is required just as much when developing a website for that business. It may seem easy to an outsider for a designer to quickly get a website up and running, but the designer is trying to remain efficient, while utilizing the […]


To date, more than 70 millions websites around the world use the WordPress framework. There’s no more popular system: and though drupal and website builders have been aggressively growing their clientele, they each represent a far smaller slice of the pie. But the very popularity of WordPress has become problematic. Because hackers tend to set […]


Shopify has just announced that they have released a plugin for WordPress that allows their users to sell their products through WordPress, while still getting  all the features and security that comes with Shopify. Along with the plugin, Shopify is also introducing three new, beautiful themes. According to Shopify: As usual, you’ll still manage all of […]


Seeing as how the Brixton WordPress theme was the 3rd best selling WordPress Blog Theme on Themeforest in 2015, we wanted to see what all the hype was about. This is particularly true considering the developers have released quite a few new features and bug patches, hopefully making it even better than it originally was. Upon […]


A quality user experience is essential when looking into your next WordPress theme. As with most developers, you most likely utilize a solid library of themes to use for your clients. However, as with all themes, some of them get outdated, and the UX can slip in terms of current expectations, or because the recent […]

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The Parallax effect is a comparatively old web design trend, which we’d call a brand new idea of visual perception if it were not for the fact that it appeared a long time ago. In the 1980s it was used in video games. Speaking of web design niche, the Nike website was a Parallax trend […]

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