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Every web designer will tell you that one of their most important tools they is fonts. A great font can turn a mediocre design into something amazing. Over the next few weeks, we will provide you with some amazing holiday and Christmas fonts that are perfect for your next holiday inspired design. We hope you [...]


When you’re deep in designing a website’s layout and user interface, it’s easy to lose sight of what design decisions will help out users the most. There’s plenty to consider already: visual design, typography, color, textures, not to mention the opinions of HIPPOS (the highest paid people in the room). That’s why my company UXPin [...]


Welcome to all designers and developers out there. We are bringing a bunch of free resources for all of you creative people, no matter what project they’re going through. We’re bringing mockups, business cards (gotta spread the word, right?), UI kits, icons, web tools, HTML templates and other elements that will bring your A-game when [...]


For a long time now, infinite scrolling has become a huge web design trend. First of all, let’s go over what infinite scrolling is in the first place. Take a look at your Twitter page and find the bottom of the page. If you find it, I’ll be impressed. This is part of why social [...]

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For most of the readers here search engine optimization is not their major area of expertise. Yet we’re all in digital marketing, and we hear now and then that Google has rolled out a new update (possibly with the name of yet another animal), or that a popular SEO tactic has been labeled as harmful. [...]

things to consider

As with any project, whether it is for school, work or simply a DIY project at home, you need to have some sort of plan before you commence the project. Of course starting a web design project is no different, if you want to create a successful website then there are certain things you should [...]

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