A content delivery network (CDN) is one of the best ways to speed up your website and ensure that everyone, no matter where they’re located throughout the world, receives the same performance as folks who are located next to your home country’s servers. A CDN works as a network of servers, delivering content in a…Continue Reading “KeyCDN Review: A Real Time Network for Real Serious Websites”

So many people tune out the second we start talking about web hosting. Sure, it seems boring at first, but it’s similar to the foundation of a house. You may not notice it much, but the entire thing will come tumbling down if you don’t put any thought into the foundation while building your house….Continue Reading “HostUpon: easy and affordable hosting ( AKA the way it should be)”

How many task management tools would you say you use on a daily basis? Two? Five? A dozen? With all of these organizational tools for task management, project management and productivity in general, you’d think that all of it could be consolidated into a single interface. Why is it that nowadays it almost seems like…Continue Reading “Rindle – All Your Tasks. One App. Your Workflow.”

Cubender is taking on the huge task of building a web design system that literally requires no experience to make a fully functional and professional looking site. The company shows promise, and even upon first glance, it’s clear that beginners will find this system useful. Not to mention, experienced web designers, like myself, can expedite…Continue Reading “Cubender – a creative platform for building beautiful websites”

Over 67% of shopping carts are abandoned, and according to sources like Shopify, the Baymard Institute and DareBoost, much of this is due to slow loading pages. With all of the reasons for people leaving your ecommerce website, a slow loading website seems like a pretty silly way to lose potentially valuable customers. There’s no…Continue Reading “DareBoost review – Improving web performance has never been so easy!”

Did you know that 40% of online consumers abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load? Have you ever tested your own websites to see how your load times cater to those folks who aren’t willing to wait around for your clunky themes and plugins to show up? This is particularly…Continue Reading “WP Speedster review – Which themes and plugins slow down your site”