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Over 67% of shopping carts are abandoned, and according to sources like Shopify, the Baymard Institute and DareBoost, much of this is due to slow loading pages. With all of the reasons for people leaving your ecommerce website, a slow loading website seems like a pretty silly way to lose potentially valuable customers. There’s no […]

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Did you know that 40% of online consumers abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load? Have you ever tested your own websites to see how your load times cater to those folks who aren’t willing to wait around for your clunky themes and plugins to show up? This is particularly […]

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According to a comScore market research report, US Internet users spent more time accessing the web via mobile devices than they did via PCs in January 2014, and the trend is not looking back. Under the circumstances, it has become imperative for websites to be accessible via mobile devices. After all, one of the primary […]


As a video publisher, you know that creating useful audio visual content – content that is fun, engaging, informative and useful; content that people would be actually willing to pay for – and distributing it easily and effectively are two different ballgames altogether, especially so today in 2015 and moving forward. As authentic statistics and […]


Generally, project management involves some form of teamwork. But often times there are 1-man projects that can be hard to manage, too. If the project is quite simple, then old to-do lists can do the trick. But if it’s pretty complex then you simply cannot do without a project management tool. We surveyed our friends […]

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Everyone was excited when Divi 1.0 hit the market last year, but now we can celebrate again with the launch of Divi 2.0! Having a WordPress site had never been easier with 1.0, but guess what? It actually just got even easier thanks to Elegant Themes. Divi 2.0 – Features With 18 pre-made layouts it comes […]

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