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Whether you’d like to focus on a design part when creating a website, or want to take on more projects without turning down new clients, in either case, PSD conversion services can be a great time-saver for you. Today, I have reviewed top 5 companies, that might be just what you need for your next [...]


Drag and drop it like it’s hot! That’s what Dropbox said when they rolled out the drag and drop option for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The late craze of drag and drop feature makes it hot by no means. Initially linked to the simplicity of user experience, it is acquired by more and more web [...]


In the business world, as in life, every little advantage helps. As technology continues to offer solutions that allow business owners to stay current in today’s world, having an advantage is becoming even more important.  While traveling to business meetings is still the most common way to get the job done, there are now ways [...]


Running your own web store has never been easier; there are literally hundreds of different companies offering everything from DIY shops to turnkey offers. In this review we will be taking a closer look at PrestaShop. We will start of with a quick company overview, followed by a closer look at the product offered. We [...]


In 2001 Inquinet was launched as a start-up business with a few dedicated clients, however in 2003 the company was re-branded as A2 Hosting. Today we are happy to review their hosting services. Throughout this review we will focus on three main areas; first we will look at what makes their hosting solutions so fast, [...]


If you’re setting out to create another website, you know as well as I do that you’ve got one of two choices: either you take the trouble to conjure a site from scratch (in which case you have to worry about design and handwritten coding), or have it so much simpler by going forward with [...]

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