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Words aren’t just words. Rather, words portray meanings and can stir up every emotion from anger to lust. As such, designers have immense power over their audiences simply with the fonts they select and the manner in which those fonts are used. The following are ten 10 masterfully composed videos that provide perfect examples of […]

Welcome to the 16th edition of Be Inspired! (By Everything), plenty of everything this fortnight, make sure you check out the first animation as it’s fantastic. Everything here is, but this animation is that little bit more special. Hope you enjoy!

Craig Baldwin writes a helpful column here at Inspired Mag were he organizes and posts the best design inspiration to be found on the web. His posts are great for designers looking for an extra boost. But without offline inspiration, you risk to narrow your vision of creativity. Lately, it’s started to become forgotten that your designs can be inspired not just by the work of others, but by your surroundings and the objects around you.

We’re very happy to announce a special edition of our Inspired Giveaway series, this time in collaboration with Harris and Wilson. Are you ready for the most inspirational book about the most inspirational concept behind the most inspirational t-shirt shop ever? I sure hope so! Cause we’re giving away Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts from the World’s Most Inspiring Online Design Community

You may or may not know it, but you’re a designer. We’re all designers. Because at its core, design is simply creating a way to do something. It’s true, some people are more adept at this than others (and thank goodness for that). But, if you stop to think about all the things that are […]

Do films require video to be entertaining? Take away the people in a movie, what left is there?. Add in cleverly designed typography, and you’ve birthed life into something that was lifeless. Below are fifteen examples of stunning kinetic typography pieces timed to fifteen different popular films.

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