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Ignorance is not bliss. Just ask any developer who’s been shocked to find review after review of complaints. Worse yet is when users are disgusted enough to abandon or uninstall the app — a 95 percent likelihood — but don’t feel it’s worth their time to explain why in a review or in an email […]


Running, i often find myself trawling through hundreds stories of success from the app store. I use the stories for inspiration (and the designs for ideas to use on new iphone app templates). It’s like my very own, unhealthy addiction :). I find the amazing results that designers and developers have been able to find on […]


As the founder Tapity, a tiny Apple Design Award winning app company, I am constantly searching the App Store for app design inspiration. In my search, I’ve noticed that some apps are ugly, some apps are pretty, but some apps are in a category of their own: they think different. This post highlights some amazing […]


This is a guest post by Nicolas Acuna and Mikka Olsson, co-founders of, an iPhone and iPad apps development company. In the last year, they’ve had great success (and committed a fair share of mistakes!) creating apps for clients all over the world and decided to share their findings with the fine readers of Inspired Mag. In […]


This is a guest post by Kent Nguyen, a veteran Web and iOS developer. His previous post on iOS development was highly valuable and shared across multiple tech blogs. What is UX? UX stands for User eXperience. A little more comprehensive would be: the entire interaction that starts even before your user uses your product until […]


With OVER 66 lectures and 11 hours of content, this is by far, the most COMPREHENSIVE iOS app development course we’ve offered yet! You will learn the fundamentals of Objective-C as well as the advanced strategies that the pro’s use. This course normally retails for over $3,000 for the live on-site training, but we’ve got it on-demand video for just $89! Shawn’s class […]