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This post is made possible by Lexus Hybrid as a new part of the Fresh Perspectives series that focuses on featuring disrupting and innovative transmedia artists around the world. Every week, the program focuses on one of the six amazing artists involved in the Fresh Perspectives project. Jonathan Safran Foer Jonathan Safran Foer (born February […]

Often, all that’s needed to create a killer album cover is unique and inspired typographical elements. There are various examples of both great classic and modern album covers already released by music producers. However, since most people have already viewed these album covers at some point during their lives, it’s often much more interesting to […]

So it’s been over a month since the last Be Inspired, but it’s finally here; number 18. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, though there is still plenty of 2011 left of course. Anyway I’ve been busy with a placement and enjoying the holidays but now I be able to resume regular posting. Anyway, enjoy this month’s collection.


Nik Ainley is a UK based illustrator who produces both personal and commissioned work. He rather bizarrely taught himself Photoshop in his spare time while gaining a degree in physics at Imperial College in London.

This is the first guest post from Aphrodite Ioannou, editor of EyeCandies Blog, an inspiration blog promoting and showcasing creativity from around the world. EyeCandies can be also found in Facebook and Twitter as well. I absolutely love vectors. Vector graphics actually motivated me in getting started and experimenting with digital illustration. Many illustrators from […]

This is the 17th release of Be Inspired. As I type I’m sort of snowed in which is a bit of a nuisance but then that’s Winter for you, or Summer if you’re in a different hemisphere. Anyway this week is jam packed with print, video, packaging and other oddities.