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WordPress has certainly rocketed in popularity in the last few years. I am constantly being told how great it is and a large percentage of clients seeking to move their businesses onto the web or who want to launch a web based business or blog ask about the benefits of WordPress. [infobox margin_bottom="0" margin_top="0" border_radius="all" […]


Last article we discussed the business of saying “NO!” in web design, this week we’re discussing writing… we’re certainly jumping around in the iNoob series, but keep up, as each of these gems will get you on the path of becoming a master web designer. I feel you can look at web design in 1 […]


Looking for information on Google Analytics? You’ve come to the right place! First, a quick introduction on the iNoobs series here at Inspired Magazine – iNoobs is a running column teaching you everything you need to know about the business of web design and Internet marketing. For me Google Analytics is all about helping my […]


I thought I would take a break from my technical articles in this latest edition of the iNoobs series and instead concentrate on the BUSINESS of web design. Being a great web designer, developer, programmer, etc. as – in my opinion – just as much about how you manage yourself, your time, and defining what […]


There are two reasons for you to make an Application: for fun or for business. If your App is made for fun, just do it and don’t read this post. If it’s the other and you want to maximize your chances to make a living from your Apps, this is for you.


Welcome to another edition of the iNoobs series – where we teach you how to become a web developer (and how to grow lots of body hair and shoot omega beams from your eyes – because ya’ll know that’s the only thing that can defeat Superman).