1.Pixova Lite Created and designed by MachoThemes, Pixova Lite is definitely an A grade one-page parallax WordPress theme, perfect if you want to create that WOW effect and bring value to your brand. Featuring a stylish premium parallax effect, this free WordPress theme is suited for a wide range of clients, from small to medium…Continue Reading “Coolest free WordPress themes of 2015”

Hi there my friends! Here’s another amazing round-up with all the best code plugins for text handling and effects, ad-block detecting, image loading detection, dynamic visual effects, animation, showcasing images, web element customization, drag & drop UI design, static site generators, hover effects, web & app development icons, and as always, a few articles to…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers”

Howdy mates! we’ve brought this load of fresh and crisp resources for you to go all over it and take home to let your creativity explode at its maximum expression! Check out this month’s round-up and you’ll find stacks of amazing photorealistic mockups for showcasing, identity, and branding, material screens, and UI kits, emailing templates,…Continue Reading “Freebies for designers – A very spooky halloween”

Hi fellows! Come and have a look at these amazing nice and fresh resources that will boost to outter space your developing, not leaving behind the appearance. Find great libraries for graphics managing, interface, applications, interactivity, and collections of framework technologies, versatile containers, mailing tools, useful communication APIs, server under-the-hood tools, powerful design tools, Halloween-related…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers”

This week the guys at Dealjumbo are at it again, with an amazing bundle that is not only stunning, but also totally free, yup you read that right, this bundle doesn’t cost you a single dime. Read on to see some of the goodies included in this bundle. Highlights: 20 add-ons & effects (mostly for Adobe Photoshop,…Continue Reading “DealJumbo amazing free bundle – 20 Add-ons & effects”

How’s it going fellows? Come and get soaked in this month’s cascade of amazing plugins to give your website a nice and fresh belt of  powerful tools. Grab and take all you can like on-the-web command line tools, gaming development resources, placeholders, UI kits, delightful plugins for amazing user experience regarding looks, loading, tips, search,…Continue Reading “Tools and resources for web designers and developers – September 2015”