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The premiere Growth Hacking Conference takes place October 28, 2014 in London this year and with names from Sean Ellis to Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin, this is an event any company or freelancer really, looking to increase their growth will not want to miss. I’ll be there as well. But first: what exactly is [...]


It is no surprise that you need to have some understanding of technology if you want your business to survive. While this might seem daunting for some future entrepreneurs, it doesn’t have to be, in fact, there are several very easy ways of running an online store with little or no prior development skills. Thanks [...]


In the last couple of years e-commerce has grown extremely popular and useful. Buying things without leaving home is a great way to save time, and a rich amount of possible products and services makes a huge impression on customers. The same goes with a wedding business, but for its success one must have a top [...]

web security basics

As a web developer, you and your clients’ websites all fall under your management when developing and maintaining all aspects of the website. In other words, it’s your responsibility to design an attractive, user-friendly, and secure website. Between trends, advice, and shortcuts, the aesthetics and UX of a website has been covered extensively. The security, [...]


Like many freelancers, I dedicate some of my free time to work on creating my own digital products like eBooks and training courses. Having a separate and consistent income stream from your own products can really free up your mind and reduce your dependency on client work. Recently, Catalin did a detailed post on how [...]


Every week we get calls from business owners who need help with their e-commerce websites. They feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of e-commerce vendors and need someone to make sense of the shopping cart cacophony. In this article, we compare two of the most popular types of carts available today. Our goal is to help [...]

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