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Sales and marketing both share something in common which needs to be understood in order to achieve a successful business, and that’s susceptibility and desensitisation. The more you see something unique or strange, the less it becomes a shock to you, as your brain will naturally familiarise itself with the thought of it. As you can […]


Every website and its design falls down to the CSS. If the CSS is broken, the site’s broken. If it’s inaccessible, it makes updating a real challenge. When a client asks for a website redesign, they often assume one very common factor: the site will be, in the backend, the same. Many designers assume that […]


6:00p.m. You step out of a cab and head towards the stadium. It’s Game day, the day you’ve been waiting for. Red Sox vs. Mets. Your phone begins to vibrates. “Welcome to Citi Field”, you read, along with the game information, and a personalized stadium guide. As you approach the gates your ticket barcode pops-up […]


In a world of efficiency, where mobile technology and remote working is fast becoming the norm, we now have to cater to the – somewhat ironically – ever increasing demands of the flexible working life. Those brainstorming sessions amongst colleagues are no longer easy when you have different time zones to consider. The idle feedback […]


Yes it is! Only it’s not gonna be a giant volcano, Godzilla or glacier melting that causes it. Well what then? Food ladies and gents! Surgar’s gonna kill ya! And not only you, but your favorite pop culture icons as well. In his new series Famous Chunkies, American illustrator Alex Solis did a remarkable job at showing […]


Like many freelancers, I dedicate some of my free time to work on creating my own digital products like eBooks and training courses. Having a separate and consistent income stream from your own products can really free up your mind and reduce your dependency on client work. Recently, Catalin did a detailed post on how […]

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