We are always looking for new fonts that will make our web designs look even better, and this week we have found a great bundle from the guys at Pixelo, they are offering a collection of 30 best script fonts bundled together at an affordable price. But you need to hurry, since this bundle will not last…Continue Reading “30 Superb script fonts bundle only $29 – with Extended License”

Home repair

This article is part of iNoobs, a writeup series aimed at web professionals who are just starting up. Starting a home repair business seems straightforward; homes are never going to stop needing maintenance and homeowners are never going to stop needing knowledgeable professionals to help. Working within a profession that relies primarily on experience and…Continue Reading “iNoobs: how home repair businesses are failing in the digital age”


With search engine optimization – or SEO – playing a major role in the success of any website, today’s designers have a tricky job on their hands. In addition to creating visually pleasing and on-trend webpages that stand out to the user, it is also crucial to impress the search bots. Web design is increasingly…Continue Reading “SEO-Friendly Web Design”


On Monday I discussed different ways of implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done if you are a web designer, this article will focus more on the tools that you can use to get things done without going crazy. Some of these tools are free, and some of them are paid versions, but trust me even…Continue Reading “5 Must have tools for getting things done”


I recently finished reading “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It got me thinking that there must be a way I can use what I learnt in the book to improve my productivity as a web designer, therefore I have decided to dedicate this week to Getting Things Done, today I will look at different…Continue Reading “Getting things done – improve your productivity as a web designer”


As you have probably noticed, we are really big fans of Divi, the amazing WordPress theme from the guys at Elegant Themes. Ever since they first released the theme, it has just gotten better and better, and with the release of Divi 2.7 the theme just got even better. Divi 2.7 will focus on 3…Continue Reading “Divi 2.7 – Introducing split testing, portability and a new set of page options”