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As a graphic designer, one of my first loves in design came with typography. I once read that web design is 90% typography; while some may say this is a bit of a stretch, it is true that along with color, layout and other design elements, typography plays an essential role in the look and feel […]


As we’ve seen in this other post, a lot has changed in the past 10 years when it comes to website design. The code has become more advanced, offering better options and usability with the improved CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and jQuery. Ten years ago it was a very different story with the use of Flash […]


The Web began in 1991 and has been growing exponentially ever since. There are currently 980,100,000 (980 million) websites online. New websites are being launched every day and the designs that come with them are constantly being innovated, updated, and revived. Over the past 23 years, how far have we come? Here’s a quick look […]


Are you about to start a new project but lack website building knowledge? No worries. There is always a way out. Whether you need to develop a business or just an interactive site, the process of coding and designing may turn out to be a heavy burden. That’s why you can try a variety of drag […]

Design Freebies

Searching for the perfect resource for your next design project can sometimes be a hassle. With such a huge array of elements to choose from (thank or blame the Internet for that) it is actually more and more difficult to choose. Some people call it the abundance paradox. Then find out which have the right licenses, because we don’t want to cheat, […]


Huge sport event are always a great time to release ad campaigns or online projects, and of course the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is no different. In this roundup we have gathered some top World Cup inspired interactive projects. If you feel we have forgotten any please add them in the comments below! 12th Man […]

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