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Ever wondered what creativity is? Well, according to men much smarter than me (and contrary to popular opinion), it’s something we’re all born with. Something which, over time, we can all learn to develop. Sorry to shatter all your illusions, but you weren’t bestowed with a special ‘gift’. In fact, a study by George Land […]


More than 150 mock-up templates from 8 premium graphic designers. It covers all the major genres in mock-ups. This means you won’t have to worry about investing in mock-ups for a long time! Whether you want to create a branding presentation for clients or promote your newest projects, the mock-up presentations have you covered. All mock-up presentations […]

Unboxing Social Media

You hear about social media marketing all the time. Every online marketing related blog has their list of “10 social media marketing tips you need to use” and a myriad of guides dedicated to using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and every new social networking site that comes along. But let’s be honest, most of them give […]


Hi! My name is Victor and i’m 34. I was born in Spain but i’ve lived most of my life in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve been a web developer for the last 6 years. After working for some Web Development companies in Portugal, Spain and England, i finally found my true passion… teaching! I started helping […]


There’s no event that stokes more excitement or national pride than the World Cup. With the cheers, jeers and probable disappointments only a few days away, it’s not just fans that are getting hot and bothered, with advertisers from all sectors gearing up to start their football themed campaigns. With broadcasters such as ITV supposedly […]


Don’t think OO7! OK, maybe just a bit. But delete all the dangerous bits from the Bond equation, because in these situations, ‘to spy’ means to ‘discover by close observation’, ‘to investigate intensively’ and their variations. The apps listed below are meant to offer insights, tips and priceless data that should help with marketing and […]

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