It’s time that business owners—the ones who buy websites—face a simple economic truth, painful as it might be.  Save for a few isolated charity cases, family favors, and students trying to build up a portfolio, nobody is going to invest their heart and soul into creating a unique high quality website design for you if…Continue Reading “Why Expensive Design is Cheap and Cheap Design is Expensive”


Writing code is mostly science, but it’s also partly an art form.  In fact learning to program is quite similar to learning to be a ninja.  It’s all about being silent and fast.  Or at least that’s how your programs should be.  When you’re coding for the web, it’s even more important to get that…Continue Reading “Writing Code for Better Performance”


A few years ago a new programming language called Ruby arrived on the scene amidst a huge fanfare, being hyped as the next big thing in online programming.  And then it just sort of blurred into the background. Ruby is to the programming world almost analogous to what the MacBook is to the computing world. …Continue Reading “Ruby: what is its true value?”


One of the biggest reasons that clients decide to hire freelance writers to create content is to improve their Google Search ranking in order to attract a higher number of potential customers. Companies hire freelance writers regularly in order to ensure that their website is filled with content that their target audience will find when…Continue Reading “As a Freelance Writer, Do You Need to Know a Lot About SEO?”


The changes in technology have created a bell curve in terms of typical access speeds, and the unfortunate problem is that most designers are still stuck at the top of the curve.  They don’t seem to have noticed its downward plunge. What happened is that in the earliest days of the web, most home-based users…Continue Reading “Optimizing for Speed: How & Why”


From grainy live feeds of cops chasing speeding cars on the old TV sets of the ’90s to everything imaginable under the sun beaming at us from our HD/AMOLED smartphone displays in the 21st century. Video has been with us for a long time but has got sharper, smarter and more personalized! It was only…Continue Reading “Is Video Marketing the New “Must Have” in Your Content Strategy?”