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Your alarm clock goes off at 6:00 AM and you reach  for the phone to stop the alarm, you get out of bed and slowly in a zombie like state you find your way to the bathroom. You wash your face and look in the mirror. While staring at your reflection you suddenly remember that today is […]

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Many people think it’s easy to be a freelance writer. If you love writing, then you shouldn’t have a problem achieving your daily working goals, right? Well, actual freelance writers wouldn’t jump to that conclusion so easily. Even when you are very familiar with the topic you need to cover, the content usually takes much […]


The cleverly designed cinemagraphs having become the latest design sensation to set the internet alight. A small video is played on a loop over the top of a still continuous image, to make one aspect of the picture move. Here we look at some of the best examples currently going viral online. Incoming Subway Train […]

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A little while ago, I did my own research to find out what’s the average number of theme downloads from the official directory every week. The number turned out to be 380,000. That’s quite a lot if you ask me. And if we look at it from a whole year’s perspective, the number becomes even […]

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Every web designer will tell you that one of their most important tools they is fonts. A great font can turn a mediocre design into something amazing. Last week we presented part 1 of the series, and here comes part two, check back next week for part three of these amazing holiday and Christmas fonts that […]

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It’s always been an art to express ideas, concepts and emotions through visual elements. Some images need just a quick glance to make an impact and others require more attention and dedication to be fully captured. With new tools becoming available to the masses, style and creativity become more and more an important parameter of […]

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