Be Inspired! (By Everything) 13

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Craig Baldwin is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. I can be found on Twitter as well.

It’s the unlucky 13th edition, unlucky because it’s taken me two weeks to gather together enough inspiration from my RSS feeds to make a suitable post. Don’t know what it was but I just wasn’t liking what I saw in my Inspiration folder in Google Reader.

Salesmen Pete

“Pete is a nice and clumsy salesman. But he’s also a deadly super secret agent with a microprocessor implanted into his brain by some mad scientists from the government! He has to secretly stop a bunch of badguys who stole a magic stone that can change anything into seafood!”

Yunyeen Yong: Jooze

“Jooze is a fictional company that manufactures fresh fruit juices, catered especially to kindergarten and primary school students. It is a company that believes that healthy eating habits should begin at a very young age”

ism studios: Procrastination

Procrastination, we know it all, it’s that ‘I’ll start it in a moment’ frame of mind that puts things off and this animation perfectly demonstrates it.

Elliot Jay Stocks: 8 Faces Magazine

8 Faces is a print magazine for devotees of typography and the aim of the magazine is to bring type to the masses.” I missed out on getting the first issue, really quite gutted.

COÖP: Lee Wash Guide

“Poster presenting 23 washes of Lee Jeans. The still photography series used props and compositions suggestive of materials and techniques employed to achieve the various washes. The piece was packaged in a custom designed laundry box and delivered to stores.”

MacLaren McCann Toronto: Coca-Cola Outdoors

Feeling thirsty for a drink of Coca-Cola? Well apparently these models were, though judging from the fact that it’s the same advert in both shots they ever have a deal or the other adverts are fakes.

PokedStudio: 8-Bit Lands

The blocky illustration in the first reminds me of Minecraft. Love the colours and details throughout, for close ups click the link.

Morse Studio: Arcapita

“Visual identity and programme for Bahrain-based Arcapita’s investors’ conference in Barcelona, 2008.” Die-cutting the different tabs into the spread must have cost a fair bit but I guess if it’s based in Bahrain they’ve got a bit of money to spare on a very nice programme guide.

<a href="">Craig</a> is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design. Connect with him on <a href="">Twitter</a>.
  • wow…… this is called creativity!!!!
    got inspiration… thanks for the post…

  • great post, as usual! I always look forward to this.

  • Great round up.

    Thanks for stoking the creative fire!

  • Deb

    Wow – some of these are absolutely incredible. Definitely inspired me…. mmm now back to the drawing board :-)