Craig Baldwin is a graduate graphic designer from the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design.

And I’m back from my holiday, most enjoyable stuff and strangely Fever only said I had 200 points to get through so I’m guessing they expire after awhile because I was expecting thousands. I will have missed some great design I’m sure but I simply don’t have the time to look back over all of it.

Anyway, back to the schedule. I’ll admit I was in a bit of a rush this week so I’ve reverted back to my original idea of using this space to give the work context rather than my opinion.

Mike Giesser: A Broader Perspective

“This book was the result of an internal campaign/photo competition [themed around the notion of A Broader Perspective] for the staff of Elsevier. The content is a mix of amateur photography, quotes about books, facts about ScienceDirect [the product we were promoting] and results from keyword searches performed on ScienceDirect.”

Amy Hoy & Thomas Fuchs: Time Zones

“Never warp your brain with time zone math again.” Always was a bit confusing and my only point of reference became 10am in the US=5pm GMT because that’s when the Apple conferences were.

Porta4 Design Studio: Terrakunza

On first glance this looks like the next edition of Adobe’s Creative Suite packaging but in fact it’s the box for Terrakunza; gourmet cookies to you and me. It’s credited to Porta4 but I couldn’t find it on their website so linked to the place I found it as a back up.

Ben Jennings: CTRL

“CTRL is an investigation into the effects of technology on both a personal and social level, intending to create awareness of our dependence on it. Volunteers were given a

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