15 Brilliant Business AND Blogging WordPress Themes

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To blog or not to blog?! Yeah, tough question for any online business owner – if you do it then you can kiss your spare time good-bye, and if you don’t – you’d disappoint a whole lotta social media gurus! While you think about this why not choose a theme that will fit both? Or just bookmark the roundup for later.

Vulcan | $37 | Demo | Download

Inspire | $70 | Demo | Download

Novatorix | $37 | Demo | Download

Product Affiliator | $37 | Demo | Download

Awake | $42 | Demo | Download

Update: the designers at Webtreats ETC just added 270 new backgrounds to their Awake WordPress theme

Full Business | $37 | Demo | Download

HypeWP | $37 | Demo | Download

Elegance | $37 | Demo | Download

Good Business | $37 | Demo | Download

Aurora | $32 | Demo | Download

Cadca | $42 | Demo | Download

Complexity | $37 | Demo | Download

Explicit | $37 | Demo | Download

Morgan’s | $32 | Demo | Download

The Architect | $37 | Demo | Download

Any other new business themes you’d like us to feature in this post as well? Just leave a link in the comments.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Thanks for the sharing, alots of nice theme ;)

  • Awesome collection.

    I have seen a few good ones like these in ThemeForest.net site.

    These themes are pretty much covering every blogger’s niche.

  • Roger

    Quick update, the designers at Webtreats ETC just added 270 new backgrounds to their Awake WordPress theme. Your readers can check them out here: http://webtreats.mysitemyway.com/270-tileable-web-backgrounds/

  • You should have at least notify readers that all the links are referral… Who is mancuso5 by the way?

  • thx for the comments guys!

    @roger – that’s Awesome! just updated the post with your info

    @sergei – thanks for the heads up, just made an update. and mancuso5 is one of my multiple personalities :)

  • No way! Say hello to Unique Avatars :D

  • Loy

    Nice selection! I really like all these new iPhone/iPad app themes. Although it would be nice to use them for other products other than Apples goods.

  • Etasoft

    Hi, excelente collection thanks,

    notice the links “Demo” and “Download” does not work, is this is?

  • Love the article and thankyou for your advice and examples, shall be back for more advice again for sure as WordPress seems to becoming more popular than ever.

  • thanks for this great collection :) featured it on my blog :)

  • Dan

    Man, great stuff as ususal IM!
    I bought two new themes for ongoing dev. I ended up with a new personal landing page theme which I havent thought of before – truly inspired now.
    Would like to see a feature article on how people are using Child Themes for dev… just an idea.
    Cheers, DanDownUnder aka rocketdogbulldozer

  • sandy

    Thanks for the amazing collection.
    My favorite: http://www.vibethemes.com/vcandy-fastest-wordpress-theme/

  • nice collection. thanks for sharing

  • any free themes?