The Most Creative 40 Newcomers in the Design Blog Community

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Catalin is the founder of Mostash - a social marketing boutique - and he's always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.
  • Great list here, I haven’t seen most of them yet! Checking them out right now!

  • I’ve been thinking about a similar post lately, guess you beat me to it..hope to add my site to the list some day..

  • Nice List, Bookmarked ! :)

  • Nice list, but it seems as if is no longer in existence. It forwards to Kayla’s personal site. Not sure why though. Just letting you know!

  • James

    I think you missed out … Inspirational blog for designers

  • Great list. Congratulations! Peace.

  • Great !

  • Though I normally avoid commenting on link posts, but this one actually helped me by telling me about blogs I can look up for help for my own blog’s roadmap.
    Thank you.

  • Joe

    Great collection, I’ve personally enjoyed following Coolvibe as well (at

    You should do more of these posts, people are always looking for new inspiration, new sites to check out.

  • Awesome list, thanks very inspiring :)

  • Nice list, thanks! I should start my own soon too, I’ll let you know ;)

  • Great list..Thank you

    Hope to be in this kind of a list one day:)

  • Your post is very well crafted and it is a good list for reference. Thanks a lot.

  • Wow! Great post and some interesting finds here! I am definitely going to venture into some of these, already subscribed to appboy for my iPhone news but cheers!

  • Nice! Checkout, needs a bit of a design update but the content is great.

  • Nice list!…thanks for including

  • Suggest you include: Success Secrets of the Graphic Design Superstars:

  • very good list, may be next time i may be added in this category.. | nice list

  • Great round-up. And good way to find new, interesting blogs to read.

    There are some gems here, definitely…

  • Great list, love the design of DBDB

  • Some blog added to my follow list, thank you.

  • Great list of blogs. Sorry to see I didn’t make the list :(

  • Thanks for the featuring Tripping Words. My favourite iin that list would have to be Cats Who Blog. They have loads of informative articles and insightful opinions.

  • Oh great…. I’ll get even less work done now I’m subscribing to alot of these guys!

    Great list though!

  • cool list of Design Blog Communities. thanks

  • Great List. Thanks for the include!

  • I would like to appear in this list in a few months… Have to keep inspiring…

    Thanks a lot for the list… I wasnt aware of a few.. while are really good…

  • Loved the theme of

  • Great list thanks! Some of these sites have great themes (custom i assume)

  • Great List!, most of them are new for me. Definitely gonna check out some!

  • My favorite is Dustin Curtis. Maybe in a month or so I’ll make it to one of these lists :( haha.

  • I second Lookslikegooddesign. Absolutely a must- bookmark-and-check-regularly!

  • Steve Thomas

    Yay for freelance shack! These guys just got started and it seem to be a useful blog.

  • Nice list. Not saying that my blog should also included in the list. It should be included only if its creative and professional :)

  • Very nice. Great to see some of the sites I’ve visited on here as well as others I’ll have to browse around.

  • There some really nice site here. I think my fav is the Social Media Examiner. They really took the time on the graphics.

  • I think you should maybe add this blog to this list:

  • Anonymous
  • Dimi

    Omg! Feegrids didn’t make the list I’m gonna start crying!! There is always the next list! ;)

    Great roundup thank you for sharing!

  • Really great post! Always nice to see some fresh designs.

  • Great list, fresh inspiration. Thanks for Post

  • Wow, thanks for including us!

  • really informative grouping of blogs – i have bookmarked many and subscribed to rss as well as some twitterfeed – thanks!

  • Thanks for the list. Two of my favourites from here are Design Informer and Little Box of Ideas.
    Both of these sites have been redesigned since the screenshots were taken.

  • Stuart Ruggiero

    Great List. Amazingly I haven’t seen some them yet. You should check:
    I like the content there

  • made in england FTW

  • Rockable Themes

    You forgot the ;)

  • Happy to see some of my favorites, friends and fellows make this list. They do deserve it :)

  • Great round up, I’m sure that everyone on this list is happy to see their name and blog make your list. Thanks for sharing.

  • Keep creative :)

  • You forgot the ;) Great list thanks!

  • pretty nice list,most of these bloggers have made it to the top,hope we have more in the new future.

  • pretty nice list,most of these bloggers have made it to the top,hope we have more in the new future.

  • don’t forget to check out my design blog :)


  • fantastic list! thanks!

  • Hi, Thanks or the list! I’m inspired…
    I also wanted to get in touch because I have been reading your blog for a long time. I am now the proud writer of a blog myself.
    My blog | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche | is about living in North London as an architect, a mother interested in all things design.

    I know your readers are interested in Design and thought they might enjoy reading some of my posts.
    Would you be interested in sharing it with your audience?

    Speak soon,

    | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche |