For many people fashion is more than just a passing interest. It is both a major passion and a part of their daily lives, something that they take a great deal of pride in.

And why shouldn’t they? Fashion is ever changing, exciting and a key element to how we end up feeling about ourselves. Just having a new outfit can pep up your mood or day. Window shopping can help us set goals and establish a new look that makes us feel more confident. There are many reasons that fashion is as beloved as it is today.

But there is more to a fashion website than catering to the latest chic. Many graphic designers take their cue from the unique and innovative website designs, Facebook layouts and unique look used for these sites. Here are ten of the best right now.

Paul Smith

5 Unique Fashion Website Designs

I love anything that manages to look for trendy and uncomplicated. Which is how I would describe the website for UK fashion shop Paul Smith. The center of the page has a single image set with a black background. Half of that image is just darkness, with white text. Beneath it are several pages of products, showing off categories that are popular right now.

Then at the top is a single header with links to everything on the site. Some of these are sections for shopping, and others are for contacting or learning about the company.


5 Unique Fashion Website Designs

Fashion line Prada has always managed to pull of both sophistication and edginess. So their designs are usually somewhere between the two, and right now they have opted for edgy.

The image used as the main background at the moment is even a little weird. The clothing is almost vintage, as is the style of the photo filters used. The background takes up almost the entire space, with nothing but a sidebar on the left with the links to the store’s features.

The Sak

5 Unique Fashion Website Designs

Designer The Sak sells shoes, handbags and accessories. All with a kind of earthy feel and rich color scheme. Their website captures this simple design process with their layout. The colors are all earthy and mutes, using a pinkish cream and light blue and grays. It almost looks like graphing paper. Then in the center is the real splash of color with greens of the the background, and the deep brown of one of their products. The link icons are rough looking, like ripped pieces of paper or fabric. It is unique and perfectly suited for their product line.


5 Unique Fashion Website Designs

Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous high fashion designers in the world. Everything from suits to denim under his name bring to mind trendy, sleek clothes that are high quality and walk the line between classic and modern. His website does the same. It has a banner slideshow with both black & white and colored photos of different categories. This makes up most of the shopping links for the brand. On the very bottom of the page are simple links to other sections of the site, such as contact information There is also a primary ad in the center. What is so interesting is that Armani managed to keep a clean look that is not cluttered or overwhelming despite the image heavy homepage.


5 Unique Fashion Website Designs

I am always somewhat skeptical of flash designs for websites. Maybe that is a bias from the early days of the format. But the site for Lacoste uses it well. You have a primary loading screen with a simple alligator logo. Then the images begin to load one by one and slides further to the right to show more images. It is a very busy design, and it could have easily looked bad and crowded. But they pulled it off well with the difference between the color and black & white photos.

We even have websites that tell us what to wear when we go out, like Polyvore or Dress Code Finder. It is a tool that lets you search any of 72,000 entries currently on the site to see pictures and find out what kind of place a restaurant, bar or club is. Therefore, you will know how to dress for the occasion. It is one of many fashion oriented websites popping up online these days.

What fashion sites do you think have a great fashion design? Let us know in the comments!