Beautiful Typographic Business Cards

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This is a guest post from David Martin, a web developer living in the often sunny UK, based in Tunbridge Wells. You can find David’s design/development blog here – Cookie Labs and follow him on twitter – @cookielabs.

There is something truly fascinating about beautiful business card designs, I can look at them for ages in awe of their respective simple and sometimes complex designs. Having a beautifully designed business card get have lasting effects on your business. I for one have a huge collection of business cards that I keep to build contacts and provide visual inspiration. In this post I am going to focus on typography in business card design.

Hidden Creative


Reshad Huree


Kaab Studios

Rhina Studio


I love Typography

Recycled Business Card

Black And White Letterpress

Up The Punx

King Muck Shanty

Graphic Design Ninja

Kyle Van Horn

Harry Roberts

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Podgypanda Creative

David is a web developer living in the often sunny UK, based in Tunbridge Wells. He blogs about creative design and development at Cookie Labs
  • The Rhino Studio has an awesome logo design…and the ninja card is so simple yet effective..

  • Beautiful! I love Graphic Design Ninja so simple yet utterly effective. ‘Twil be an inspiring bookmark when I finally get around to my own card designs =]

  • anon

    Evil Mad Scientist Lavatories? lol

  • Andy

    Is it Evil Scientist Laboratories? Or Evil Scientist Lavatories? Am I not getting the joke, or did we forget to check for typos? Or is it all an elaborate hoax designed to get me on your mailing list? Hmmm…

  • Dave

    Hidden Creative has it for me, Simple clean and elegant

  • Katja

    ilt – i love typography. A real type lover! My favourite.

  • nicely done! some are really clean and simple

  • niko

    black and white rocks …
    simply and elegant

    thank you for some inspiration

  • The Kaab Studios card with the brushed chrome look on the back is very well done. Love that look. And the ilt card with the debossed print… so simple, yet so awesome!

  • The Rhino card is my favorite, great logo, and texturing the card that well is impressive.

  • Rhino and ILT looking sharp. Great examples, keep em coming.

  • Aly

    Rhino and Ninja are my fav, but Kyle’s is pretty effective for a print studio.

  • Zack
  • oops, check this one (video)

  • reshad, Kaab, Rhino, Hank! Nice work!

  • Really feelin’ the style on those rhino cards. Very slick

  • Dave

    My favourite is Harry Roberts’. Simple but brilliant in my eyes.

  • BiB

    Thanks for collection. But seen most of them on

  • Rhino and hidden creative are my fav creative simplicity

  • Thanks for featuring my card (Graphic Design Ninja)! It started out as a joke, though I’m glad some folks like it.

  • Truly inspired. A tweet to this article came just at the right time when we are thinking seriously about slick business card designs for ourselves, for a client and for an upcoming project. Keep it coming. Thanks.

    I chose to check out David Boni (Graphic Design Ninja) – And the simplicity of the message on his In Construction Page is simply brilliant.

  • rhina or rhino?

  • ben

    I have seen the Rashad Huree business card on other inspiration sights, and tons of cards like it.

    Holding shift while rotating your name on the front of your business card does NOT make it a good design. Angle and asymmetry makes more interesting design, but his card, along with tons of lookalikes that I’ve seen completely rely on it.

    It’s a cop out.

  • cool cards

  • Aldi Gorgeous

    hidden creative, simple but elegant for me my self… and rhino… inspired me… thanks

  • Takeo Tomi

    Great and fresh ideas specially to the new designers like me…thanks…by the way, I think it is “Rhino Studio” not “Rhina Studio”

  • hey, I’d love to show off BOCO’s design as well. Loved the Rhino. Too bad I’ve seen most of them.. we need to give a voice to some new designs/designers.

  • Wanna see our creative business cards we did for a soccer show? Wasn’t even a business card..

  • beautiful ;)

  • Hank & Harry Roberts… My favorites
    Simple & efficace

  • I see many like this come through every day and have some in samples, did not realise these were so popular! Maybe ill take some pics of ours, if any of you have these great designs we can print them for you, textured card, embossing, spot uv, laminated etc etc Have a look on and business cards under the products section.



  • Wow thanks for the feature! (The podgypanda creative one) So many good designs here :)

  • Like Katje, I think I Love Typography is the best. Nothing against the others, but it’s nice to see classic typographic beauty.

  • I love the shiny ones. These are great!

  • I LOVE letterpress! these are fab! take a look at my business cards here:

  • Love the Carlos Benet One!

  • love UP THE PUNX!

  • Hi, David

    There are some really gorgeous business cards here – can’t decide which is my favorite! You might be interested in our blog as well – we’re at Take care!

  • Those are pretty great ones; hidden stands out for me.