Beautiful Norway: 10+ Inspired Tourist Route Stops

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This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings – a community-driven and openly editable encyclopaedia of buildings from around the world. 

A great example of progressive government policy: In 2005 Norway launched The National Tourist Routes: a vast 15-year campaign re-evaluating the concept of tourism by transforming it into a culturally active product. To achieve that the government turned to a stellar congregation of designers & architects with a request to create their own stunning yet nature-aware rest stops, observation decks and other small-scale architectural jewels. The architectural objects are already effectively shaping the vastly attractive new face of the planned tourist routes. Hopefully, a move that will not only generate greater tourist activity for beautiful Norway but will also inspire other governments to follow in these footsteps.

Reiulf Ramstad Architects: Trollstigen

Reiulf Ramstad Architects: Trollstigenimage: Jiri Havran

Peter Zumthor & Louise Bourgeois: Steilneset Witch Trial Memorial

Peter Zumthor & Louise Bourgeois: Steilneset Witch Trial Memorialimage: National Tourist Routes Norway

Smedsvig: Askevågen

Smedsvig: Askevågenimage: Per Kollstad

Code: architecture: Tungeneset

Code: architecture: Tungenesetimage: Jarle Wæhler

Manthey Kula: Akkarvikodden

Manthey Kula: Akkarvikoddenimage: Steinar Skaar

Snøhetta: Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion

Snøhetta: Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilionimage: Klaas Van Ommeren

Nordplan: Hellåga

Nordplan: Hellågaimage: Jarle Wæhler

Tommie Wilhelmsen: Stegastein

Tommie Wilhelmsen: Stegasteinimage: Jarle Wæhler

Jensen & Skodvin Architects: Gudbrandsjuvet

Jensen & Skodvin Architects: Gudbrandsjuvetimage: Jan Olav

Lars Berge: Flotane

Lars Berge: Flotaneimage: Lars J. Berge

3 RW: Ørnesvingen

3 RW: Ørnesvingenimage: Steinar Skaar

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk: Sohlbergplassen

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk: Sohlbergplassenimage: Jørn Hagen


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  • i bumped into your site while looking for the norwegian reindeer pavilion! what a discovery of treasure. there are some really neat projects.

    i have a few projects from the US to share as well, if this is open to selection process. let me know.

    amit upadhye, AIA
    Arizona, USA