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With it’s larger screen, multitouch capabilities and ultra-portability, the iPad is an ideal tool for designers, particularly when it comes to working on the go or going to client meetings. The following 10 apps are sure to be useful at times, from simple sketches to keeping track of your thoughts, make the iPad your go-to device when you’re away from the office.

10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take OverWhile robotics have not advanced as much by the year 2010 as Asimov fiction led some to believe, there is a distinct possibility that Android may still takeover the world in the near future.

Hot off the heels of Steve Jobs’ scathing post regarding Apple’s decision to keep flash off of the iPhone OS come reports that the Cupertino fruit company may be facing an inquiry from either the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission.

This series is supported by Appboy – the most popular social outlet for mobile app lovers. Find out more about Appboy and be sure to check out their blog. Keeping up with what’s going on can be tough, especially in an industry that is changing rapidly. I know that’s it’s something I struggle with, so […]

As news goes, last week was pretty exciting. There was the iPhone 4g debacle, the leak of details regarding Dell’s new smartphones, and Apple’s quarterly financial release, among others. When it comes to the mobile space, one thing is becoming clear, this is still anyone’s game.

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