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If you’re setting out to create another website, you know as well as I do that you’ve got one of two choices: either you take the trouble to conjure a site from scratch (in which case you have to worry about design and handwritten coding), or have it so much simpler by going forward with [...]


This post is a roundup of latest free web design resources released during the month of February. This collection includes ui kits, insignias, backgrounds, icons, themes, and mockups. All these web elements are free to download and you can use them in both your personal and commercial projects. 1. 16 Flat Web Icons 2. CMS [...]


There has been a growing tidal wave of flat designed icon sets on the web, and recent trend reports have confirmed that they’re only increasing in popularity. Everyone seems to be designing flat icons sets, but its hard to find ones of quality. I have spent the time to go through hundreds of icons sets [...]


Sergiu Poenaru works in the advertising industry ever since he created his first website back in 2005, and in the past 5 years he’s been focused entirely on building the largest ad marketplace with the fantastic team over at We’ve asked him to discuss advertising strategies and more specifically guide web design bloggers in the [...]


A couple weeks ago, our friends from Cubicle Ninjas debuted a 6-part series on the latest trends in design. Today is the last day of the series, and it’s all about presentation design! Working on a presentation for a client? Take a look at the latest presentation design trends for 2014. Your client will thank you. What’s Hot [...]


Email design will be extremely important in 2014, since email marketing is on the top of every marketer’s priority list. To be noticed in someone’s inbox is becoming more competitive than ever. Cubicle Ninjas presents us with the ultimate guide to email design trends for 2014. Take a look at what the ninjas think is hot [...]

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