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A quality website design shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. Would you like to know how to save some money on web design? Serious web design market players carry out different promos from time to time. You can get a great discount for a template you’ll choose or even get the one for free during these periods. […]

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Don’t miss your chance to get -40% OFF for any product. The greatest sale in TemplateMonster’s history has already started! Only 7 days till April, 21 Spring Fever allows you to buy more products for ridiculous prices! Looking for a way to get your personal website? Getting a present for a friend? Or simply looking […]

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Products. We use them. We highly recommend them. We spend a bunch of money on them. We become addicted to them. We cannot imagine our lives without them. One of the reasons why we have this special relationship with a wide range of products, digital and non-digital as well, is because they help us. They […]


Who are all those famous jazz artists doing here as a featured image? Well, the WordPress developer community loves jazz music, and since the very early days, they’ve built a habit of naming their WordPress releases after famous jazz artists. The last version, Version 4.0 of WordPress, is named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist […]

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Too many people are overly concerned about the amount of traffic that comes to their website. They design their site to attract the maximum number of people to their site, with little or no thought of what to do with them once they get there. Even though their pages get a large number of hits, […]


As technology advances, the cut-throat nature of online marketing gets increasingly brutal. The demand for transparent, conveniently communicated information, both visually captivating and instantly rewarding, is uncompromising. Don’t despair, parallax scrolling is about to become your knight in shining armor. It offers the dynamic of 3D illusions, creating depth by layering images, then scrolling the […]