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Your alarm clock goes off at 6:00 AM and you reach  for the phone to stop the alarm, you get out of bed and slowly in a zombie like state you find your way to the bathroom. You wash your face and look in the mirror. While staring at your reflection you suddenly remember that today is [...]


Creating and designing a website is a tedious and time consuming process. While developing your website, every client wants innovative idea and designs that are out of the box, that captures the attention of their readers almost immediately. There are a number of cool web designing and development tools provided by DealFuel that can help [...]


Trick or treat? TemplateMonster is all about treat, no tricks! :) Halloween is on the doorstep, time for magic things to happen, mystery, candles, pumpkins and surely discounts. Let’s make a warm-up before the Black Friday and have all this week of tremendous discounts for all kinds of products. Are you looking for the way to [...]


WordPress is a flexible and robust content management system that allows you to build great-looking websites and blogs. No wonder there exists a tremendous amount of themes dedicated to various kinds of topics. But one of the leading places among them belongs to business WordPress templates. There’s a great range of them to choose from, but [...]

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