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I love cheat sheets. They’re not only handy, they’re practically essential for many graphic designers who are expected to know a never-ending list of numbers and codes: standard sizes for various applications, color hex codes, basic web languages, and, of course, myriad keyboard shortcuts for powerful graphic design software. Unless you have a photographic memory […]


When it comes to web design, sometimes you’re expected to do it all. However, as projects become more complex it becomes more evident that specializing is required to deliver the best possible website to any given client. While some people might be able to merrily wear the hat of both graphic designer and web developer, […]


Minimalism is a popular design philosophy found in web design. Minimalist web designs only feature content deemed necessary to achieve a given end, and is hallmarked by lots of white space, few images (or even a single large image), and scarce text. Minimalist websites are clean, easy to read and understand, and leave little doubt […]


Photoshop actions are incredible time-savers for graphic designers, and the best actions yield incredible visual effects and increased productivity. Photoshop actions are the magic toolkits of the graphic design and photo editing industries, allowing graphic designers and photographers to apply amazing effects in no time. And because the graphic design community is so generous, you […]


Content is king. You’ve heard the now clichéd, yet sage, advice. It’s telling that a platform initially developed for blogs has evolved into one of the world’s most popular and powerful content management systems. WordPress is no longer a blogging platform, though blogging remains the core focus. No, WordPress is anything from a blogging platform […]


Graphic designers are a generous bunch, so much so that many give away their design techniques in the form of tutorials so that others might be able to similarly create compelling designs.  One would think that telling others how to design might not be the best career move; however, designers have found that sharing their […]