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As a typographer you have a distinct advantage. Inspiration is everywhere, as text is a regular part of our every day lives: on billboards and posters, TV commercials and boxes of rice, and on our computer screens, phones and other devices. We are always confronted with new ideas and old ones that have been reused […]


DeviantART has become one of the most popular art sharing groups on the web. Their offer of watermarks and protections for artists, added to a huge membership and plenty of groups, make it a wonderful place to congregate to market yourself as an artist, get tips and or course find inspiration. For typography enthusiasts there […]


Love toys? Love photography? Have you ever considered combining the two? Toy photography has been a major source of photo inspiration for years. The look of a doll or stuffed animal captured in a certain way can have a major emotional influence, and we have seen examples of that in the prevalence of abandoned or […]

Creative people around the world are now sharing their art and ideas with videos on the Internet via YouTube. The next time you need some inspiration, or just a pick-me-up, check out these YouTube channels. Some of them may even make you laugh, which is a good thing. 1. Venetian Princess Venetian Princess started her […]

Color, one of the most overlooked and yet important elements to our every day lives. Because of the makeup of our brains, and the correlations between sight and perception, we are affected on a very deep level by color. Perhaps even more than we are affected by shape, or any other sense in the mind […]

Despite the odd sounding name, Deviantart is a much loved and well known social networking site for artists and lovers of art around the world. Started in 2000 as a site where amateur and professional artists could share and display their work, the site now boasts over 13 million members and hosts artists working in […]