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Texture is a major element of all art. But there is a special significance with both digital art and photography, where detail is established and maintained through such means. That is why it is no surprise that Flickr, a place dedicated to those two mediums, is full of groups dedicated to textures. Of course, these […]


It is amazing to see how fast 2011 has passed and how quickly 2012 is approaching. Through the year there has been a major resurgence of the calendar as art movement, and we have seen some gorgeous designs as a consequence. In fact, there are more examples of inspirational calendars than there were in 2007, […]


Blue is an amazing color. As a highly emotional color, it can convey so much to the viewer with no real effort at all. The bright blue of a clear sky can cheer us, and the clear blue of a river or stream can calm us. It can express anguish and pain or sadness. It […]


Flickr has been working to integrate new and interesting ideas for some time now. Its goal is to create an all-inclusive, online experience for artists, photographers and just people who like to share pictures with friends. That includes a full model for public-domain use of user-selected photos, portfolio options and photo pools where groups can […]


If you are a fan of typography , you will love the Internet. There are plenty of examples of amazing 3-D typography videos all over the web, most offering inspiration to the designers who love to see others’ works. If you are one of those who likes getting a peek into the process of other […]


Finding inspiration as a website designer is no longer difficult in today’s world. Not only can you find it with a simple search through other websites but you can get lists on blogs that provide enormous numbers of examples that people have found around the web. All of it is just bundled there, waiting for […]