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A picture is worth a thousand words – that is what the old adage has always said. When you consider the emotive qualities of a well-taken photograph, the information that can be stored and the incredible ability our mind has to brand an image into our brains, it is clear that it is one saying […]


Digital art is becoming one of the biggest genres in the art world. Sites like DeviantArt are full of the pictures by amateur artists created using programs like Photoshop, presenting us with a beautiful form of media that redefines the meaning of creativity – especially with those mixed media formats that incorporate a little of […]


As we say goodbye to 2011 and welcome another year of the decade no-one can name (the tenties; the tennies; the tens anyone?) we begin to wonder just what exciting trends web design will see in 2012. The fact is that companies are becoming increasingly focused on using the Internet as a revenue stream. As […]


As time moves on you tend to expect the styles and trends to move with them. In most cases, this is true. But a core list of trends in the world of graphic design and art have managed to hold on consistently. These lead to plenty of tools to help keep them alive, most made […]


As a photographer, you have to learn the value of space. Correctly manipulating it will provide a gorgeous image, no matter what the subject is or how much is going on in the photograph. Using space is one of the first things photographers are taught, and you have probably mastered it. But what about negative […]


One topic that has always been hot has been typography. Even in the days of print, creating a new style was a big deal and had the potential to change the standards and practices of the time. That did not change as we moved on through the times, and now that we live in a […]