So here we are – after the huge anticipation – ready to buy one more “Alice in Wonderland”. Tim Burton’s remixed version of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass” seemed to be a great reward for everyone who had patience. But for me this film was only an opportunity to realize that Lewis Carroll is untouchable!

However, I wouldn’t say this Alice version isn’t worth seeing. Au contraire! You shouldn’t miss this shot of entertainment. But you have to know that this is neither Tim Burton nor Lewis Carroll but just 108 minutes of 3D effects and color games that will make you miss the written word. The charm of literature cannot be reproduced in such a concrete form of art as cinema. Because there where literature allows you to imagine, cinema gives you for granted; there where the writer creates poetic images and is playing with words opening new possibilities, cinema plays with concrete images and closes these possibilities.

Let’s take, for instance, the Jabberwocky battle – who is Jabberwocky in Lewis Carroll’s book? The character from a poem, a monster created from the sound of unexisting words that turns out to be a simple dragon in Tim Burton’s film. And if no Mad Hatter or Red Queen, or Cheshire Cat or Alice were not around, then this film could have been anyone’s adventure in any other land.