Whether you are working on your first website project or your portfolio is bursting with examples of your work, you should still look forward to way to learn and be inspired. Thankfully, experts have dozens of videos with easily digestible messages about art, design, and marketing to guide you through your next online endeavor. The…Continue Reading “8 Talks that help all web designers grow”

Hearing the buzz around Dunked, the new product launched by the WP champion Orman Clark, I was keen to find out more about the project and was lucky enough to sit down for a chat  with the man himself in a new episode of Inspired Talks: What is Dunked and what does it do? Dunked is…Continue Reading “Inspired Talks: Orman Clark”

Aleix Gordo Hostau is a visual artist based in Barcelona. He has been working as an illustrator since 1997, and done lots of cool stuff since. He agreed to answer our questions about himself, his creative background and some of his projects. This edition of Inspired Talks is brought to you by Long Awaited – a…Continue Reading “Inspired Talks: Visual Artist Aleix Gordo”

Long Awaited is a new streewear brand founded in California. Right before their launch, we had the chance to chat with Sterling Root, one of the three cofounders, discussing how you can combine inspiration and aspirations to launch a coherent clothing brand.   Hi Sterling, what inspired you to create the Long Awaited clothing line?…Continue Reading “Inspired Talks: Sterling Root on Launching the Long Awaited Streetwear Line”

After a long hiatus, we’re resuming out Inspired Talks series where we discuss inspiration sources and creativity with some of our favorite artists. This time we had the pleasure to interview Alvin Diec, one of the most prolific brand designers in the US with a brilliant taste for raw illustration. Check out some of his…Continue Reading “Inspired Talks: Alvin Diec”

We had a chance to sit down and talk again with our friends from ustwo™ about their upcoming iPhone app that generated a lot of buzz over the Interwebs recently – Whale Trail. The app is out – download it from the appstore today! Your studio ustwo is a Ui/Ux studio: Why did you decide…Continue Reading “Inspired Talks: Mills of ustwo™ on the Upcoming Whale Trail”