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Home repair

This article is part of iNoobs, a writeup series aimed at web professionals who are just starting up. Starting a home repair business seems straightforward; homes are never going to stop needing maintenance and homeowners are never going to stop needing knowledgeable professionals to help. Working within a profession that relies primarily on experience and […]


This is the latest episode of iNoobs, a writeup series aimed at web professionals who are just starting up. Web designs with spinning or flashing graphic used to be considered cool a while ago. Now, consumers find that they don’t add to a site at all. It’s a distraction. A site needs to load fast and the […]


iNoobs is our series aimed at newbie web professionals. Check out the previous articles here. So, you’ve finally got your hands on the PlayStation 4. Eager to get going, you tore it out of box and set it up without giving a second thought to its location. Now your gaming is regularly interrupted by family […]


When it comes to creating a profitable business website, your primary focus should be on providing a great user experience. Rather then putting all your efforts in churning out quality content, you should look at ways to improve the reader’s engagement. By focusing on improving the site usability, you would be able to get the […]


More and more businesses these days are realising the importance of having an online presence and with this in mind many have decided to step into the 21st century with a good, well-designed website that will attract and impress both new and existing clients. However, simply having a website is nowhere near enough if you […]


In this day and age there are literally millions of websites on the Internet. Even if you have discovered the key to the greatest mystery of this universe, you will need to do a lot of publicity to get the word out. Jon Morrow of Copyblogger once gave an interesting analogy about this issue. He […]

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