How’s it going fellows? Come and get soaked in this month’s cascade of amazing plugins to give your website a nice and fresh belt of  powerful tools. Grab and take all you can like on-the-web command line tools, gaming development resources, placeholders, UI kits, delightful plugins for amazing user experience regarding looks, loading, tips, search, […]


As you might have noticed we are crazy about the Divi theme, and now with the new Divi Builder Plugin you can bring the love to all third party themes. This plugin will allow you to use the Divi Builder with any theme, and it will also make it easy to migrate posts and pages […]


If you’re looking around for some quality graphic design stuff, you couldn’t have landed in a better place, in this monthly round-up you’ll find the freshest and nicest resources across the web lately released like perspective objects kit, cool and modern UI kits, photorealistic mockups, and amazing photoshop effects, invaluable icons and quite unique fonts. […]


Prototyping brings with it many benefits. It encourages feedback, which in turn helps to uncover design errors and identify potential design enhancements. Prototyping also allows testing to be done on a continual basis; something that can be difficult to do when taking a more traditional design approach. Clients appreciate mockups since they tend to validate […]

Deal feat

It is no secret that we love the guys at DealJumbo, their deals are often so amazing that it would be a crime not to purchase their bundles. Today we have something even better than a great deal on a bundle, we have three amazing bundles, and the best thing about them is ……THEY ARE […]


Podcasts have never been more popular than they are today, and perhaps that has something to do with the amazing quality of some of the podcasts. It is super easy to learn new information and gain new inspiration without having to read a single book.  In this post we have looked at some of the best […]

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