As a designer, you let design elements — colors, textures, graphics, and layout — guide you as you create different pages and templates. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful design ultimately fails if it doesn’t deliver for the client. Most people blame a non-productive website on problems like search rankings and keywords. However, if people are […]


Over the last few years, digital marketing has gained immense popularity. A lot of businesses like Digital Agency London now help people in understanding the concept of digital marketing. However, there are various challenges that a digital marketer might face when entering the market. They are important to the success of your business, but there […]

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It is no secret that we here at Inspired Mag love a good deal, and you might have noticed we have often posted some great deals from Dealjumbo. Well today we are not just posting one deal, but eight amazing deals. How come we have eight deals? Because Dealjumbo is currently celebrating their first birthday, and […]


No color works exactly the same way in every situation — or for every brand. I mentioned in my previous article to be open to the influence of certain colors. Part of the reason these colors have the effect they do is because they’re constantly used for the same things: blue for trust, red for […]


You need to make sure people will buy your app before building it, because you liking an idea doesn’t mean lots of people will like an idea. Even if a few others have told you the idea is brilliant, that doesn’t mean it will actually sell well. Take, for instance, celery. Most people don’t like […]


Octonius is a nifty new service that helps users from different clouds sync files and collaborate. In simple words, a Dropbox user can work on the same file as a GoogleDrive user and it doesn’t stop here. Any web designer will tell you that working as a team with other designers is of vital importance. Often web designers need […]

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