Coming off the heals of our post about the power (and importance!) of personal branding – we’ve scoured the web (okay – mostly theme forest) looking for some great designs that can help you get up and running building your own personal brand.

1) Signature


Signature Theme

This neat WordPress theme, has some custom functions and page templates that really help you display your abilities – no matter what your field. However, unlike many of the other themes listed – it has a much more conventional website look and feel. It also features some great photo display elements for those of you who are looking to display works of art (web designs, photos, etc.) on your CV. Overall a great design with a whimsical look and feel.


2) Ansonika


This clean, corporate, yet high-tech template has a fantastic layout and many options. Like many here it cleanly displays your abilities and can really help you stand out. The portfolio section is particularly nice – as are each of the portfolio pages. If you’re looking for a darker, very technical look this is the theme for you!


3) Careera


Aptly named, this theme focuses on simply (and with very few colors) highlighting your expertise. Of all the templates in this list the homepage of Careera is my favorite as – as a business owner myself and someone that has evaluated thousands of resumes – the homepage is (cover letter) is so well designed – it immediately screams your work, personal, and technical information – cleanly! There are no questions.


4) Clean And Corporate

True to its name “Clean and Corporate” is… clean and corporate. Although the colors are a bit unconventional – this is one of the simplest themes in the bunch – basically a digital resume – simple, clean, straightforward. Very nice!


5) Clean CV


Favorite of the bunch – saved the best for last! Why is it so well done? It’s simplicity. For those of you without a digital portfolio to display – you just need a one page site that has your information – is easy to update – and MOST IMPORTANTLY – easy to read. Clean CV does that for you. One page, scroll up and down – and links to your important social networks… nothing more, nothing less – just the best way to represent your self online.

Zach Katkin - Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Designer and Writer - is the co-founder of Florida Web Design Company Atilus. In business for nearly a decade, Atilus has more than 600 clients worldwide.
  • not getting a job even after getting help from a professional resume writer, i realized what did i lack, a presence on the web. these are some nice resume templates. None of these seem to be wordpress though.

  • richard

    Great article! Thank you for taking the time to write it . Many people do not look at a resume as a representation of them self. A resume is a marketing tool that gives off a first impression and a glimpse of who you are in a 30 sec glance over if you’re lucky. Times are changing and resumes need to as well, if you have a well written resume and something that makes a potential employer pick it up and read it out of a pile of black and white ones you’re off to a good start. I’m a graphic designer and i put a unique spin on my resume templates which you can take a peek at here. Custom Resume Templates